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Arolechips: Snack and Drink Online Shop

This is a featured project from Alibaba Cloud Project Hub, developed by Fazri Aziz.

This is a featured project from Alibaba Cloud Project Hub. It is developed by Fazri Aziz from Indonesia.

Project Introduction

Arolechips is a website based in Indonesia functioning as an online shop that sells snacks and drinks. This website provides information about related products with contact information, allowing buyers to make purchases easily.

The owner of Arolechips is one of many people that were affected by the global pandemic Covid-19. He lost his day job and tried selling snacks and drinks online instead in order to make a living. The website needed to be visually attractive, simple, and interesting so that users would be interested to make an order.


A clean and attractive website is the best choice to provide simple information about the product of online shop. A buyer can see the list of menus including the price. Testimonial from people that loving the Arolechips's product are displayed with interesting design. The website also features the Click to Action to help users make an order with just one single click.

Alibaba Cloud Products Used

  • ECS

This project is hosted on Alibaba Cloud using Elastic Compute Service. Deploying a website in ECS is easy with just a few stes. The project is developed using plain Javascript, HTML, and CSS and is more powerful when running on ECS.

  • Alibaba Cloud Networking Products

Learn more about Alibaba Cloud's suite of networking products at this link.

  • Alibaba Cloud DNS

Alibaba Cloud DNS is a secure, fast, stable, and reliable authoritative Domain Name System (DNS) service.

  • Domain

The catchy domain name, arolechips.cyou, also purchase from Alibaba Cloud Domain. It is secure, fast, stable, and also easy to connect with ECS IP Public.

Those products are good services at minimal cost, thanks to Alibaba Cloud

About the Developer

I'm a Full Stack Developer that participated in Re-Cloud Challenges Indonesia 2021. I have an enthusiast with Web Development technologies

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