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Mansha Play: Free Indie Portal Game

This is a featured project from Alibaba Cloud Project Hub, developed by Irmansyah Turhamun.

This is a featured project from Alibaba Cloud Project Hub. It is developed by Irmansyah Turhamun from Indonesia.

Project Introduction

Mansha Play is free to play indie portal game from Indonesia. User can play ads-free game without registering for an account.


Mansha Play can bring a new experience in gaming for free without paying and/or registering to game sites. In this way, users can play games for free without registering to the game sites and providing personal information like email, password, birth date, gender and other information. Mansha Play provides an ads-free and license-free indie game that you can play it directly on your browser or you can download it and play it directly on your machine. We seriously respect your privacy and we never track your activity during playing our game.

Mansha Play never tracks the user activity and provides irrelevant ads to the users. So, the user can play a game without worries about annoying ads and their privacy during playing the game. Games in Mansha Play are license-free from the open-source game forum and ManshaPlay will be our means of displaying our games for free.

Alibaba Cloud Products Used

  • ECS and OSS

We used Alibaba Cloud Elastic Computing Services (ECS) to run a Mansha Play web server and Object Storage Services (OSS) to store files that can be downloaded from Mansha Play to the users' computer. This way, users can play the game on their machine.

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