Community Blog Alibaba Technology Series Part 4

Alibaba Technology Series Part 4

Do you wanna explore the most advanced cloud computing technologies and practices in the industry? This series will help you learn more about the technologies you are most interested in.

Knowledge Base - A New Channel to Find Interesting Content

Knowledge Base helps users learn more about technologies that interest them most.

The channel Technology Series introduces and explores cloud computing technologies to showcase the most advanced technologies and practices in the industry.


Cloud Computing: Protein Sequence Predictions

What is protein structure prediction? This is the inference of a protein's three-dimensional configuration from its amino acid sequence.

The Best Cloud Computing Job Opportunities

Any career in cloud computing is great. Today there is a high market need for qualified and certified cloud experts and developers.

Research Challenges in Cloud Computing

What is cloud computing architecture? It enables enterprises to scale up and down their cloud resources with ease to provide them an advantage.

Cryptographic Techniques used in Cloud Computing

What is cloud cryptography? It's the encryption of data stored in the cloud which provides an extra layer of security and blocks data breaches.

Cryptography in Cloud Computing

Cryptography in cloud computing is the encryption used to protect data. It uses several mechanisms to add a top layer of security to secure data.

Problems Facing the Internet of Things (IoT)

There are many challenges in IoT that need to be adressed. The major ones include security, IoT deployment, and design challenges.

Explore How AI Is Shaping Supply Chain Management

What is supply chain management and why is it important? SCM is the process of managing the manufacture and transportation of commodities.

The Benefits and Drawbacks of a Supply Chain With Artificial Intelligence

AI in supply chain boosts efficiency and reduces the impact of global worker shortage. It also discovers better and safer ways to move goods.

Market Analysis for the Supply Chain with AI

What is demand forecasting? It allows firms to accurately predict the amount of inventory, labor and resources needed to meet demand.

Assessing Open-Domain Conversational Agents

What is an open-domain chatbot? This is a conversational agent that talks about anything and has rudimentary understanding of the actual world.

Learn About Artificial Intelligence Job Opportunities

What is artificial intelligence? AI refers to intelligence exhibited by robots as opposed to natural intelligence demonstrated by humans.

Will AI Replace Humans in the Workplace?

Will AI replace humans? AI-powered robots are faster, more precise, but they lack intuition, emotional sensitivity and cultural awareness.

AI In Digital Marketing

There are upgrades that stand out in AI in digital marketing. Chatbots, predictive and targeted content, content production and many more.

AI Saves Lives

AI saves the lives of earth species and forests. Its ability to predict is what makes it such a valuable strategy in non-profit organization.

What is Data Readiness?

In many circumstances, start-ups lack data that may be used to make forecasts. This is especially true for artificial intelligence startups.

Frequently Asked Machine Learning Interview Questions

What is machine learning? ML is a field of artificial intelligence that focuses on using algorithms and data to mimic the way humans learn.

What Is Cross-Validation In Machine Learning?

Cross validation in machine learning is vital. It helps detect whether a model is correct in a real-world context with fresh and changing data.

The Pandemic: Human-centric Workforce Model

Human-centric work design focuses on flexibility. It gives employees the feeling of empowerment and increases their productivity and engagement.

SQL Query Optimization

It's important that your firm knows how to optimize SQL queries. SQL is one of the most powerful data-handling languages available.

AI and ML in the World of Data Management

Data quality management is crucial to the survival of businesses. Data quality simply implies the relevance of an information in use.

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