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What Is My Website Server

Website server is the soul of a website and a necessary carrier for opening a website. Website users without a web server cannot browse.

Website Server definition

Website server is the soul of a website and a necessary carrier for opening a website. Website users without a web server cannot browse.Website server refers to a program that resides on a certain type of computer on the Internet. It can process requests from web clients such as browsers and return corresponding responses. It can also place website files for the world to browse.Website server mainly handles static page processing and acts as a servlet container, interpreting and executing servlet/JSP, while application server runs business logic, mainly apache、nginx、iis。


Common types of website servers

1 .Website servers:Apache

Apache is the most widely used website servers software. It can run on computers of almost all platforms. Because it can be cross-platform and has good security, it is widely used. It is one of the most popular web server software at present.

2 .Website servers:nginx

Nginx is a lightweight server software that can be used as a web server, reverse proxy server or email proxy server. Its characteristics are that it occupies less memory and has strong concurrency capability. The concurrency capability of nginx is better in the same type of web server, so it is also used by many large websites: such as Baidu, JD.com, Sina, NetEase, Tencent, Taobao, etc.

3 .Website servers:IIS

IIS is also an Internet Information Service, a basic network service running on Microsoft Windows provided by Microsoft Corporation. IIS is a Website service component, including Web server, FTP server, NNTP server and SMTP server, which is generally used for web browsing, file transfer, news service and mail sending. one simple thing.


Website server function

Website server function is Process data business requests and store information.When we are online, we need to connect to the network through the server. Only after the server responds and processes the request, we can connect to the Internet, that is, respond to the service request of the terminal. All business flows are when users send access requests, and the server responds and processes the requests, so that businesses can flow normally.

Foreign website server advantages

1 .The foreign website server access speed is fast. Compared with the lack of domestic broadband exports, the bandwidth of foreign servers is generally relatively large. Therefore, if you rent a foreign server, the website access speed is generally very fast. Especially for foreign trade companies, if they want to open up a wider overseas market, it is necessary to choose a foreign server.
2 .No need for filing, we all know that renting domestic servers requires filing, while renting foreign servers does not require filing.
3 .Cost-effective, because foreign host companies have been doing this for a long time and the technology is mature, when a certain scale is formed, the process management will be more specialized, and the production and operating costs will be greatly reduced. Therefore, the cost savings can be passed back to the customer to achieve the competitive advantage of lowering the price. In addition, foreign servers are also relatively high in hardware configuration, and their security and stability will also be guaranteed. It can be said that the cost performance is quite high.


Domestic server advantages

1 .Geographical advantage, since the computer rooms of domestic servers are generally located in China, they are very close to us, and there are few routing nodes that they pass through. Therefore, if it is accessed by domestic users, the speed is still very fast.
2 .Compared with traditional servers, which require high hardware investment, labor cost, and cloud host investment, the effect is good, and the data is safe, reliable, and guaranteed. It reduces the depreciation caused by hardware investment, expands flexibly, improves resource utilization, and effectively reduces enterprise operating costs.

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