Community Blog Core Solutions for Manufacturers - MNC Manufacturing Series - Part 3

Core Solutions for Manufacturers - MNC Manufacturing Series - Part 3

In the third article of this series, we explore the core solutions and considerations for manufacturers on their journey to digital transformation.

In this series, we explore the challenges and goals, core solutions and core products facing manufacturers on their journey to digital transformation.

Alibaba Cloud manages a highly orchestrated and comprehensive set of cloud products and services. Its cost-effective infrastructure platform in the cloud powers hundreds of thousands of businesses across the world, with a proven track record of successful transformation projects.

From a compliance and security perspective, Alibaba Cloud adheres to international information security standards and best practices, and is committed to all domestic information security standards of the countries and regions where the cloud services are deployed. Alibaba Cloud also complies with industry standard practises, continually conducts self-assessment reviews, and has obtained relevant industry certifications.

Download the Multinational Corporation (MNC) Manufacturing Industry whitepaper to discover how Alibaba Cloud can help manufacturing companies achieve digital transformation.

Global Infrastructure and Compliance Ready Qualification and Products

Due to constant change and innovation pressures within the digital market, manufacturing companies need a viable partner who is at the forefront of change and who can help find solutions to new challenges. The Alibaba Cloud platform does all the heavy lifting, allowing manufacturers to focus on their core competencies.

By shifting from a static CAPEX to a dynamic OPEX model for IT expenditures and usage, manufacturers can invest more time and resources into differentiating their offerings while benefiting from the constant innovation capabilities of Alibaba Cloud.

Industrial IoT Portfolio and Ecosystem

At the core of Alibaba Cloud’s IoT portfolio is the IoT Platform service, which enables manufacturers to manage and orchestrate millions of devices on a global scale. State-of-the-art features such as over the air (OTA) updates lets them constantly and seamlessly deliver innovation and new features to the field.

The Alibaba Cloud IoT portfolio acts as a bridge for secure connection and integration with the rest of the platform, which facilitates the processing and analyzing of data generated by connected devices. This also enables real-time analysis and AI-based prediction models through constant streams of data. This is usually a prerequisite for any predictive maintenance tasks and real-time optimizations of cyber-physical systems.

To further enhance performance, Alibaba Cloud enables businesses to leverage data immediately with its edge-computing services. This allows data management and processing at the point of initial creation. Irrelevant information is accurately removed, which instantly produces remedial alerts.

All of this is accompanied by a broad and diverse ecosystem of certified consulting and delivery partners, hardware and supporting technologies such as AliOS Things. It is the turnkey solution for IoT infrastructure and many Industry 4.0 scenarios, with key abilities of performance, simplicity, security, and cloud integration.

B2B Ecosystem and Solution

B2B e-commerce in China has experienced tremendous year-on-year growth over the past 10 years. Driven in large by the demand for industrial goods, it has delivered up to 30% in compound growth rate (CAGR). Now, China’s B2B market is entering a new era of enhanced digital supply and sales.

As the digital transformation takes pace, global manufacturers operating B2B businesses in China need to address different challenges on how to utilize the knowledge and experience between e-commerce platforms. This is why Alibaba Cloud has partnered with 1688.com, China’s largest B2B wholesale platform, and created customer-specific ad-hoc solution, as a one-stop platform which provides an easy and quick way to integrate 1688.com services with manufacturers’ global enterprise systems.

DataLake for Data Democracy

Democratizing data is the process of making data accessible in an organization, removing barriers between data and those who build products and make decisions. A data lake does exactly that, acting as a single source of trusted data, providing companies with catalogued inventory of their data assets so everyone on the team can collaborate.

This is highly useful for automotive and manufacturing companies who need to break up existing data silos to facilitate collaboration between interdisciplinary teams. Since innovations such as autonomous driving and predictive maintenance are embedded in multi-disciplinary and international projects, they require petabytes of heterogeneous storage technologies which need seamless access.

Alibaba Cloud provides a complete set of services to support the scenarios above, all manageable under a unified portal.

Data lakes are diverse and span different industries, from Cybersecurity, Marketing, Life Sciences, and Oil and Gas. Data going into a lake might consist of machine-generated logs and sensor data (e.g., Connected Vehicles) customer behaviour (e.g., web clickstreams), social media and documents, geo-location trails, images, video, and audio, and structured enterprise data sets such as ERP, CRM, or SCM. With a broad range of different big data and analytics services, Alibaba Cloud is the lead choice when it comes to building global, scalable, and reliable data lake solutions.

Data Mid-End (DME): Extending the Reach to End-Customer with Alibaba's Best Practice

Double 11 Global Shopping Festival is the world’s largest online promotion campaign that encompasses different aspects of the consumers, goods, and geographies involved. In terms of technology, it is a process of matching tens of millions of products with billions of consumers. This battle-proven and deep R&D-based approach consists of three main pillars:

  • One Model with unified intelligent data warehousing and data asset management capability.
  • One ID as a unified entity across customers, goods, equipment, for identity linking and profiling capabilities.
  • One Service as the unified data servicing capability that promotes reuse instead of data duplication.

Alibaba has developed its own technologies and toolkit that applies to these pillars, which has been tested in Alibaba Group for more than 10 years. Such technologies provide intelligent data construction and management engines that have been designed for utilization in multiple industries, together with end-to-end intelligent data construction and management service. This includes data importing, standardization, modelling, development, distilling, asset management, and other data services.

These technologies can be used to help enterprises build an intelligent data system that includes standardization, integration, assets, services, and closed-loop optimization.

SAP Ready to Cloud

SAP workloads, such as SAP HANA and S/4HANA, are often at the core of every manufacturing company’s IT landscape. Being continuously adapted and customized to a plethora of different industry-specific processes of almost every industry in the world is deeply ingrained into these systems. Since these workloads contain highly sensitive information, companies are hesitant to move them away from their on-premises and time-tested installations for only one-dimensional benefits such as cost reduction.

Alibaba Cloud is a competitive and comfortable choice for SAP workload cloud hosting for three key reasons:

  1. Alibaba Cloud is a trusted global technology partner for SAP Solutions, with an extensive range of certified SAP solutions available. Hundreds of companies receive a range of benefits including reduced costs, improved efficiencies, and highly simplified operation and maintenance (O&M) across their IT infrastructures.
  2. Alibaba Cloud has a strong partner ecosystem that supports customers of all sizes and industries to successfully migrate and deploy SAP workloads. More information can be found in our Whitepaper “Integrating SAP Application Data with Alibaba Cloud”.
  3. Alibaba Cloud provides multi-facetted synergies between SAP workloads and the vast ecosystem surrounding Alibaba Cloud.

These core solutions provided by Alibaba Cloud take the operational pressure out of the equation for manufacturing companies, so they can focus on their core competencies and react faster to market conditions.

Alibaba Cloud is a world-class cloud provider and the No.1 public cloud service provider in China and Asia. To find out more about how your manufacturing business can succeed in the digital era, download Multinational Corporation (MNC) Manufacturing Industry whitepaper today.

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