Community Blog How to Find the Right Digital Path into Asia and China – Asia Accelerator Series Part 4

How to Find the Right Digital Path into Asia and China – Asia Accelerator Series Part 4

In the final article of the Asia Accelerator series, we will learn how to find the right digital path into Asia and China, and the Cloud-Based Solutions to aid your journey.


Find out how our customers are leveraging the cloud for success in China and Asia in the Asia Accelerator: Unlocking Opportunities in Asia and China with Alibaba Cloud whitepaper.

China and Asia’s markets are experiencing a period of unprecedented growth. The Chinese economy is predicted to overtake the US as the world’s greatest economy by 2028, five years earlier than previous forecasts. Southeast Asia’s internet economy is also expected to reach USD$ 300 billion by 2025.

Understandably, savvy businesses are keen to enter these markets – but there many hurdles to overcome to help your business digitally thrive while aligning it with local practices and regulations.

This is where our Asia Accelerator and China Gateway 2.0 solutions can help. We can tailor our approach to your business but here are three popular scenarios – and the services we offer, depending on the digital maturity of your business.

Scenario 1: To Start a Business in China and Asia

There are many different local practices, regulations and restrictions to consider when you set up in Asia or China.

First, you need to register your business. We can help you with your company registration, agency accounting, and bookkeeping. Also, our domain registration solution helps you register .com, .cn and other top-level domain names.

Our trademark registration and software copyright and patent services can help you build copyright protection for your brand and technology. We also provide domain name filing services and qualification application services for licenses including ICP, IDC, EDI, and ISP.

Our ICP Registration service, for example, helps you get your Internet Content Provider (ICP) license as quickly as possible to get online, providing you with assistance throughout the application process.

We can also give you the best security foundation on which to grow and protect your business. Based on deep learning technology, our Content Moderation solution provides intelligent content risk identification services and our identity verification service covers different business scenarios.

Scenario 2: To Migrate to the Cloud

The cloud provides elasticity and lowers the barriers of entry for businesses entering the Asia/China market. The Alibaba Cloud global network can help you connect your multiple offices and branches between Mainland China and other regions.

We can also build a robust cybersecurity, risk management and compliance strategy for your business, incorporating MLPS 2.0 Compliance to host your website.

Our Information Security and Compliance solution also combines our leading security compliance capabilities and a one-stop consulting service to help you get online as quickly as possible within the confines of the China’s complex regulatory landscape.

Once you’re up and running, our Anti-DDoS solutions can protect your servers and Web Application Firewall (WAF) can protect your web apps, while our Data Security on the Cloud solution helps you easily build a robust data security framework.

Scenario 3: To Accelerate Your Success and Digitally Transform

If you want to optimize your digital strategy in China and Asia, Alibaba Cloud has a range of solutions to help, depending on your requirements. These include:

  • Our Business Mid-End solution gets your procurement and sales onto the same platform, enhancing your competitiveness while lowering operational costs and improving your organizational efficiency.
  • Our all-in-one Omnichannel Data Platform can help you optimize your brand for these markets, providing you with the information to grow across online and offline channels.
  • Our comprehensive Organizational Data Mid-End solution complements this service, providing a one-stop solution to help you unify data assets, create, and manage data intelligence within your organization to empower innovation.
  • 1688.com is China's largest B2B wholesale procurement platform with more than 12 million user visits every day. Alibaba Cloud 1688 Cloud Hub allows you to easily interconnect your 1688.com store with your backend IT systems across different geographic regions in a secure, data-driven, and automated approach.
  • Our Artificial Intelligence Service for Conversational Chatbot solution helps you meet customer expectations with a seamless and human-like chatbot experience – all available out of the box.
  • The Alibaba Cloud Global Application Acceleration solution accelerates your network and applications further, helping you boost your network security and performance thanks to our wide-area-network (WAN) infrastructure.
  • Finally, our Enterprise IT Governance solution helps you govern your cloud IT resources based on a unified framework that covers five key areas: users, permissions, resources, finance, and compliance. This gives you full control over your cloud resources and services and access permissions, and helps you meet compliance requirements.

Thanks to the flexibility and scalability of our comprehensive cloud-based infrastructure and advanced technology innovations, these solutions provide your business with a new portal to China and Asia, allowing you to rapidly leverage a range of products and services and expedite their time to market.

We’re also currently ranked as both China and Asia’s No. 1 public cloud service provider.

Our Asia Accelerator and China Gateway 2.0 solutions incorporate a broad range of innovative products and solutions, while combining our local expertise and cloud-based experience to accelerate the digital transformation of your business in China, Asia – and beyond.

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Alibaba Cloud is a world-class cloud provider and the No.1 public cloud service provider in China and Asia. To find out more about how we can help you enter these markets, download the Unlocking Boundless Opportunities in China and Asia with Alibaba Cloud whitepaper today.

Or learn more about our Asia Accelerator program at: https://www.alibabacloud.com/asia-accelerator

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