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Alibaba Cloud MVP Story - Afzaal Ahmad Zeeshan

In this blog post, MVP Afzaal shares his experience using Alibaba Cloud and discusses how our products and the MVP program have helped him so far.

Afzaal Ahmad Zeeshan is Alibaba Cloud MVP from Rabwah, Pakistan and is currently pursuing MS in Computer Science. Afzaal Ahmad has experience working with .NET Core, Node.js and building and deploying cloud-native applications on cloud platforms.

Starting with Alibaba Cloud

I have been working in cloud environments for 3 years, in a different capacity. I worked with Fortune 500 clients to solve their high-demanding infrastructure needs and worked as a Cloud Architect to lift-and-shift the resources from on-premises to the cloud. I found Alibaba Cloud when working with one of my clients who was looking to expand their business to Mainland China.

I started to use Alibaba Cloud 2 years ago and started deploying my first solution in under 20 days. Alibaba Cloud has solutions that are available as a "turn-key offering" by the platform. I could quickly have the infrastructure design approved and deployed in 20 days because of the Resource Orchestration Service (ROS) by Alibaba Cloud. We still use the ROS stacks to quickly analyze the architecture diagrams and verification of the changes. Other cloud platforms did not offer any product that meets this requirement of my clients.

Figure 1: Alibaba Cloud ROS showing the architecture diagram. Our use case was a more complex image of cloud architecture than this one.

Today, I work with multiple clients who have their businesses set up in Mainland China as well as in global market providing services to more than 2 billion users using Alibaba Cloud platform.

Alibaba Cloud community is helping and supportive. I know the product managers that I must collaborate my suggestions/ideas with, and they make the problem resolution easy.

The Products I Love

As a Software Engineer at heart, I enjoy the products that Alibaba Cloud has developed over the years. Anyone can use the open source products, and hosted products. Alibaba Cloud offers a hybrid cloud environment where you can use open sourced products with no licensing constraints. When you want to migrate to an all-cloud platform, Alibaba Cloud offers a Migration tool that takes care of the difficult aspects of cloud migration.

I have used ApsaraDb products for my research and was quickly able to create a prototype of the project that I had to submit. Services like Table Store help to develop and deploy a prototype in less than 5 minutes and you can scale the services to a production-distributed-highly-available services in a matter of minutes.

How Alibaba Cloud MVP Helped Me

Alibaba Cloud offers support to MVPs to learn the platform and cloud practices. This free learning and certification help me showcase my skills and expertise with the world. Our support channels, documentation centers and forums are actively visited by Alibaba Cloud experts (like me 😉) to solve cloud problems that are faced by other customers and to create solutions on top of Alibaba Cloud platform.

Alibaba Cloud is offering cloud credits + free cloud and learning resources to any organization that is working on research on COVID-19, please apply if you need help. Learn more at Fighting COVID-19 | Alibaba Cloud

Wrapping Up

As an Alibaba Cloud MVP, I feel like I stand at the front for the program managers and Alibaba Cloud customers. I enjoy regular collaboration with Alibaba Cloud customers on our forums as well as with highly skilled program managers to discuss the potential feature suggestions.

Alibaba Cloud is a cloud for everyone! 😊

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