Community Blog MVP #FridayFive: January 2020 Edition 3

MVP #FridayFive: January 2020 Edition 3

Alibaba Cloud MVP Friday Five is a blog column to share interesting and helpful content brought by global Alibaba Cloud MVPs.

MVP #FridayFive is a blog series to celebrate and highlight some of the pronounced contributions from Alibaba Cloud MVP's towards making the Alibaba Cloud technologies more adaptable #FridayFive.

Every Friday, we will delve into various contributions from our experts around the globe and share the top five remarkable activities of the week through this platform with rest of the world.

Below are the top five technological activities of this week specially curated from Alibaba Cloud communities:

1. [Blog] Managing Infrastructure as Code on Alibaba Cloud vs Microsoft Azure

By Afzaal Ahmad Zeeshan, Pakistan MVP
A quick comparison of Alibaba Cloud Resource Orchestration Service and Microsoft Azure Resource Manager for Infrastructure as Code usage.
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2. [Meetup] Hosted Alibaba Meetup in India

By Vivekanandhan Muthulingam, India MVP
Vivek hosted an offline meetup on January 11st. In this meetup, he Introduced Alibaba cloud and its offerings Courses. Deep drive into some of the key services and offerings with demo's and scenarios/case studies discussion.


3. [Blog] Introduction of Alibaba Cloud Server Guard

By Nadaraja Kuganesha, Sri Lanka MVP
Alibaba Cloud Security offers Server Guard (Server Security) that acts as a server security O&M manager. The lightweight Agent plug-in installed on a server and rules of the on-cloud protection center, this product provides real-time awareness of and defense against intrusion events, safeguarding server security.
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4. [Blog] How to Install Spree E-commerce on Alibaba Cloud

By Sajid Qureshi, India MVP
This is a hands on tutorial wrote by our Indian MVP-- Sajid Qureshi. In this blog, Sajid will illustrate how to set up the Spree e-commerce platform on Alibaba Cloud.
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5. [Blog] Introduction of Alibaba Cloud Web App Service

By Yoshihiro Matsuda, Japan MVP
Alibaba Cloud has just launched the Web App Service (Web +)! Our Japanese MVP, Yoshihiro Matsuda, has started using it and wrote his experience in this blog post
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About Alibaba Cloud MVP

Here at Alibaba Cloud, we always strive towards making a digitally connected world and to ease your information technology challenges. Our handpicked industry experts, Alibaba Cloud MVPs, contribute towards this vision in their own way by enabling the world on how Alibaba Cloud technologies are transforming businesses in a day to day basis.
Alibaba Cloud Most Valuable Professional (MVP) is an award given to the technical leaders in the community for their contributions towards helping others understand and adopt Alibaba Cloud technologies.
Learn more about Alibaba Cloud MVP at https://mvp.alibabacloud.com

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