Community Blog KKN-KU: Connect Students with the Village

KKN-KU: Connect Students with the Village

This is a featured project from Alibaba Cloud Project Hub developed by Putu Gede Sanchia Jodie Mantra from Indonesia.

This is a featured project from Alibaba Cloud Project Hub and the Re-Cloud Challenges Indonesia 2021. It is developed by Putu Gede Sanchia Jodie Mantra from Indonesia

Project Introduction

KKN-KU is a third-party platform that connects students with rural communities for community development programs. This website is not official yet and still uses test data for staging purposes.


In Indonesia, students at universities are required to take part in the Community Development Program. In this program, students are required to help with problems in the village.

However, there are still many villages that have not been reached even though they may need more assistance. Students themselves do not get complete information regarding problems that occur in the village. This website is designed to help solve these problems by becoming a third party that connects students and with these villages.

The communities from various villages are able to register their village to become a forum member for the community development program. By doing so, they can immediately inform about problems that can be helped in this program. From the student-side, this platform also helps by making it easier to get access to information about the villages and their problems according to the student's abilities.

Alibaba Cloud Products Used

  • ECS

Alibaba Cloud Elastic Compute Service (ECS) helps us on the server-side. We easily choose the operating system and freely configure it so that we can present this website smoothly.

  • Network

We used various Alibaba Cloud Networking products for the website.

  • Domain Name Service

And we use a domain purchased from Alibaba Cloud DNS, where the process of buying and installing it on the website is very easy

About the Developer

RPL Juara was a team that made for work on the final project of software engineering at Udayana University. Part of RPL Juara: Sanchia Jodie as Project Leader, Front-End Developer, and Back-End Developer. Rama Pradipta as Back-End Developer Kevin Ari as Back-End Developer Shilta Inda as Front-End Developer

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