AI Supply Chain

Build and manage an agile, intelligent, and cost-efficient supply chain


Alibaba Cloud AI Supply Chain solution leverages data intelligence and artificial intelligence (AI) technologies to provide end-to-end real-time monitoring for your supply chain, and helps you quickly diagnose and optimize your inventory, generate an accurate forecast of the future demand with deep learning models trained on your business data, and avoid stockouts and supply chain disruption by performing inventory simulation based on business objectives and constraints, so you can plan and streamline your supply chain proactively, reduce sales losses, and improve capital efficiency.

Why Alibaba Cloud

  • Recognized Supply Chain Solution

    Listed as a representative solution of 2023 Gartner Market Guide for Analytics and Decision Intelligence Platforms in Supply Chain for its cohesive and end-to-end supply chain A&DI capabilities.

  • Out-of-the-Box Solution

    Deploy this solution in virtual private clouds (VPCs) or as a SaaS solution without replacing or changing your existing technology infrastructure for better time efficiency and total cost of ownership (TCO)

  • Timely Supply Chain Synchronization

    Synchronize data across the entire supply chain in seconds to accelerate upstream and downstream response, facilitate full-link collaboration, and prevent problems such as stockout and supply chain disruption

  • Accurate Demand Forecast

    Improve forecast accuracy by over 20% with a time series algorithm. It's fine-tuned to your business requirements and deep learning models based on industry best practice and your supply chain data.

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How AI Supply Chain Works

Alibaba Cloud AI Supply Chain solution provides end-to-end monitoring and management of your supply chain with Control Tower, examines inventory health for optimization, performs accurate demand forecasts, and generates replenishment suggestions based on forecast results. All these help you build and manage an agile, intelligent, and cost-efficient supply chain.

Industrial Use Cases

Sales Forecast for Seasonal FMCG Products

A well-known FMCG brand used an AI Supply Chain to identify seasonal products with curve fitting, increasing the demand forecast accuracy by 10% and reducing the out-of-stock rate by 1%. Predictions were based on historical data back-testing and saved up to tens of millions of dollars in potential losses. In addition, the turnover time was estimated to have reduced by 10%, saving annualized capital costs of millions of dollars.
Reshaping Product Demand Forecasting
· Analyze and identify noise in historical sales and provide noise rejection and refilling configurations to generate baseline sales based on denoised historical sales.
· Perform baseline forecasts with multiple algorithm models, which can be trained and selected to produce baseline sales forecasts

Sales Forecast for Durable Consumption Goods

A leading brand of small home appliances faced a growing demand for data-driven operations. The brand leveraged Alibaba Cloud AI Supply Chain Solution to help manage challenges in the digital transformation of its supply chain.
Inventory Diagnosis and Optimization Simulation
· Reduce forecast cycle from ten days to one day by quickly locating products and taking actions based on the inventory index warning
Forecast Accuracy Increase
· Improve forecast accuracy by 10%-30% with deep learning forecasting algorithms, and complete marketing optimization by enhancing delivery explainability through a whitebox feature for increased accuracy attribution
On-Shelf Rate Increase
· Increase the on-shelf rate by 2% by breaking down forecast results and transforming them into executable and effective replenishment recommendations with inventory simulation algorithms

Human Resource Scheduling

Hourly or minute-level demand forecasts for industrial scenarios that require human resources can ensure accurate scheduling and reduce manpower costs by tens of millions of dollars. Examples include logistics and delivery, online customer service, content auditing, etc.
Fine-Grained Forecast Time
· Reduce forecast time to hours or even minutes with time-series forecast algorithms 5%-10% more accurate than open-source algorithms (hourly accuracy rate 90%, minute-level accuracy rate 85%).
Long Prediction Timespan
· Plan fine-grained forecast days, weeks, or even months in advance
Fast Deployment
· Deploy rapidly based on configurations from zero, within 3 man-days

Sales Forecast for E-Commerce

A famous e-commerce platform increased its sales forecast accuracy (5% higher than the open-source algorithms) and product on-shelf rate, reducing inventory turnover days. This helped them move pre-sales and hot products to Front-End Logistics Centers (FDCs), significantly shortened delivery time, improving customers experience and reducing logistics costs.
Accurate Forecast
· Ensure forecast accuracy and stability with built-in time-series forecast algorithm
· Benchmark against major historical fluctuations to increase forecast accuracy by annotating and updating the marketing campaign calendar with the assistance of algorithms
High Efficiency
· Run millions of samples in parallel on multiple servers and GPUs to ensure high forecast efficiency
· Reduce memory consumption by three to five times with optimized time-series data, saving cloud resource costs

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