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Security Center:FAQ

Last Updated:Mar 13, 2024

This topic provides answers to some frequently asked questions about Security Center.

New features

Release notes


Purchase and renew Security Center

Operations in the Security Center console

If one of the following error messages appears when you perform operations in the Security Center console, you can refresh the Security Center console and check whether errors persist. If the errors persist, you can submit a ticket to contact technical support.

Error code

Error message


A system error occurred. Refresh the page and try again later.


The specified API operation is unpublished.


An error occurred while verifying postOnly.


The CSRFToken parameter is not specified. Refresh the page and try again.


An error occurred while verifying CSRFToken. Check the token and try again.


The RegionID parameter is not specified. Enter a region ID.


The format of the value specified by the RegionID parameter is invalid. Check the region ID.


Parameter are not configured. Configure the parameters.


The format of the value specified for a parameter is invalid. Specify a valid value.

Security score

How do I view the version of the virus library of Security Center?

After I install the Security Center agent on my ECS instances, will the virus library of Security Center be installed on the instances?

What are the priorities to handle security events that I can access in the Secure Score section?

How does the vulnerability scan level affect the security score?

How does the baseline check level affect the security score?


How do I unbind a server that is not deployed on Alibaba Cloud from Security Center?

How do I unbind an ECS instance from Security Center?

Two servers whose information is the same appear in the server list. Why is the agent status of one server Online and the agent status of the other server Offline?


Web tamper proofing

Linux software vulnerabilities

Vulnerability fixing

Vulnerability detection

Baseline checks


Brute-force attacks

Alert notifications