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Global Accelerator:Billing overview

Last Updated:Apr 12, 2024

This topic describes the billing methods, billable items, and billing cycles of Global Accelerator (GA).


Global Accelerator To participate in a free trial, submit an application. Free trials are available only for subscription standard GA instances. For more information about free trials and the supported instance specifications, see Time-limited one-month free trials of GA.

Overview of billing methods

  • Global Accelerator supports the pay-as-you-go and subscription billing methods.

  • The bandwidth that is used to connect to the global transmission network of Alibaba Cloud supports the pay-by-data-transfer and pay-by-bandwidth metering methods.

    • Pay-by-data-transfer: Data transfer fees are managed by Cloud Data Transfer (CDT). CDT supports the pay-as-you-go billing method.

      You do not need to associate a basic bandwidth plan with your Global Accelerator instance. The system calculates the fees based on where your service is deployed. The fees include Internet data transfer fees and inter-region data transfer fees. For more information, see Pay-by-data-transfer.

    • Pay-by-bandwidth: You are charged for bandwidth plans. Bandwidth plans support the subscription billing method.

      If you use this metering method, you must associate a basic bandwidth plan with your Global Accelerator instance. For more information about how to select a basic bandwidth plan, see the "Bandwidth plan type" section of the Select and purchase GA resources topic.

Billing method

Bandwidth metering method




  • Scenarios in which temporary traffic spikes are expected.

  • Multiple cloud resources that use the pay-by-data-transfer metering method are activated within your Alibaba Cloud account.

  • Traffic fluctuates.

If you cannot estimate the resource usage and the amount of data transfer, we recommend that you use pay-as-you-go Global Accelerator instances.



  • You can estimate the usage period of resources.

  • Traffic is stable.

  • Resources are required for long-term use.

  • The first time you use a pay-as-you-go Global Accelerator instance, go to the pay-as-you-go GA activation page and activate Global Accelerator as prompted.

  • You can purchase GA resource plans to offset the Capacity Unit (CU) fees and instance fees of pay-as-you-go Global Accelerator instances. Resource plans are more cost-effective than the pay-as-you-go billing method. For more information, see GA resource plans.

  • You can select the billing method only when you purchase a Global Accelerator instance. The billing method cannot be changed after a GA instance is created.

Billable items

Billable items of standard Global Accelerator instances

标准型计费组成 CN.png

Billable items of basic Global Accelerator instances

基础型计费组成 CN.png

Billing cycles

The following table describes the billing cycles of Global Accelerator.

Billing cycle

Bill release time

Billable item


A bill is generated within 1 hour after the current billing cycle ends. The time when bills are generated is determined by the system.


A bill is generated on the first day of the next calendar month after the end of a billing cycle. The time when bills are generated is determined by the system.



Billing methods and rules

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