This topic describes the scenario and benefits of an elastic and cost-effective continuous integration and continuous delivery (CI/CD) solution that is based on lightweight serverless Kubernetes (ASK). This topic also describes the problems that are solved by this solution, and provides the architecture diagram of the solution and links to the relevant references.


Elastic Container Instance-based lightweight ASK and Apsara File Storage NAS can be combined to achieve an automated CI/CD solution that features high service availability, elastic scaling, high scalability, and cost-effectiveness.


  • Services are highly available.
  • Resources can be scaled to maintain high utilization.
  • Resources are highly scalable.

Problems solved

  • Single points of failure (SPOF)s of the master nodes in clusters.
  • Low utilization rates of cluster resources.
  • Low scalability of cluster resources.


 Elastic and cost-effective CI/CD based on ASK


For more information, see best practice An elastic and cost-effective CI/CD solution based on ASK.