Time Release Notes
2018-08-10 Features optimization: Optimized intelligent auditing introduction documentation and updated API interface documentation.
2018-04-30 New regions: MPS supports international reseller site.
2018-04-27 Features optimization: Supported high speed transcoding in all regions.
2018-04-24 Billing change: NarrowBand HDTM2.0 changed to commercial billing.
2018-04-04 Features optimization: The workflow analysis node supports configuration.
2018-03-22 New region: MPS service was available on Japan site and added Asia-Pacific South 1 (Mumbai) region.
2018-03-21 New features: Supported output of multi-track, multi-bit rate, multi-subtitle video files.
2018-03-09 Features optimization: Provides preset template with higher resolution.
2018-01-25 Name modification: Updated the name of Media Transcoding (MTS) to Media Processing (MPS).
2018-01-18 New features: Added support for Webp transcoding output format.
2018-01-10 New regions:
  • MPS is now available on the international site.
  • Added regions of Central Europe 1 (Frankfurt) and Asia-Pacific Northeast 1 (Tokyo).