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ApsaraVideo Media Processing:What is ApsaraVideo Media Processing?

Last Updated:Mar 06, 2024

ApsaraVideo Media Processing (MPS) is a media processing service provided by Alibaba Cloud. This service is cost-efficient, elastic, and highly scalable. MPS helps you to transcode media files into formats that are suitable for playback on all platforms.


MPS architecture

MPS architecture - International site (


  • Built on top of the cloud computing services of Alibaba Cloud, MPS inherits the auto-scaling feature and allows you to meet varied transcoding requirements and minimize resource waste at the same time. By using MPS, you can save the high costs of purchasing, building, and managing software and hardware for transcoding, and do not need to perform complex operations, such as optimizing configurations and configuring transcoding parameters.

  • MPS allows you to process media data by using the MPS console, server API, and SDKs. You can use and manage MPS by using these tools. You can also integrate the features of MPS with your own applications and services.