This topic describes the billable items, billing methods, overdue payments, resource plans, and billing-related operations of ApsaraVideo Live.

Billable items

The basic features of ApsaraVideo Live include stream ingest and streaming. If you do not use the value-added features of ApsaraVideo Live, you are charged only for the basic features. Billable items:

All billable items support the pay-as-you-go billing method. Some billable items support resource plans and the subscription billing method.

For more information, see Pricing of ApsaraVideo Live.

Fees of basic features

You are charged for pulling and viewing streams. If you use the Real-Time Streaming (RTS) feature, you are charged based on the billing methods of RTS.

Billable item Billing method Payment method Documentation
Live streaming Pay by traffic Pay-as-you-go Fees of live streaming
Live data transfer plan Subscription Live data transfer plans
RTS Pay by traffic Pay-as-you-go RTS fees

Fees of value-added features

ApsaraVideo Live provides multiple value-added features. If you do not use these features, you are not charged for them.

Billable item Billing method Payment method Documentation
Live streaming transcoding Billing basis: video length
  • Pay-as-you-go
  • Subscription
Time shifting Billing basis: video size Pay-as-you-go Time shifting
Live streaming snapshots Billing basis: number of snapshots Pay-as-you-go Billing of live streaming snapshots
Premium streaming acceleration Billing basis: daily peak bandwidth Pay-as-you-go Fees of premium streaming acceleration

Fees for other cloud services

Service Scenarios Documentation
Stream ingest SDKs If you use stream ingest SDKs provided by other cloud platforms, fees are incurred. For more information, contact customer service or go to the official website of the cloud platform.
Note By default, Alibaba Cloud CDN is configured after you activate ApsaraVideo Live. No additional fees are incurred.

Overdue payments

ApsaraVideo Live provides the pay-as-you-go billing method for all its features. Fees are deducted from your Alibaba Cloud account after bills are generated. If your account balance is insufficient, Alibaba Cloud sends a text message or email to you so that you can add funds to your account at the earliest opportunity. For more information, see Overdue payments.

Resource plans

ApsaraVideo Live provides live data transfer plans and live transcoding plans. For more information, see Resource plans.

Billing-related operations

You can perform the following operations in the ApsaraVideo Live console: