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ApsaraVideo Live:Billing of live monitoring

Last Updated:Feb 21, 2024

You are charged for live monitoring based on the total duration of output video within a single day. This topic describes the billing rules of live monitoring.


Live monitoring is available only in the China (Beijing), China (Shanghai), Singapore, and Saudi Arabia regions. The unit price of live monitoring varies according to the output video resolution. The following prices are for reference only. To view the actual prices, visit the Alibaba Cloud official website.

Output resolution

Chinese mainland (USD/minute)

Singapore (USD/minute)

Saudi Arabia (USD /minute)

720p (height ≤ 720 pixels, width ≤ 1280 pixels)




1080p (height ≤ 1080 pixels, width ≤ 1920 pixels)




Billing rules



Billing policy

You are charged based on the total duration of output video within a single day. The unit price varies according to the output resolution.

Billing cycle

You are charged on a daily basis. The bills of each day are issued within 1 hour after 00:00 on the following day. The actual time of bill issue is determined by the system. Once the bills are issued, the fees are automatically deducted from your Alibaba Cloud account.

Billing method

You are charged based on the pay-as-you-go billing method.

Billing example

Scenario: You add a live monitoring session in the China (Shanghai) region. The output resolution of the session is 720p. On June 17, the session runs for 100 minutes.

Pricing: As shown in the "Pricing section" of this topic, the unit price is USD 0.0225/minute.

Fees of live monitoring on June 17: USD 0.0225 × 100 = USD 2.25. The bills are issued after 00:00 on June 18, and the fees are automatically deducted.