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ApsaraVideo Live:Billing of time shifting

Last Updated:Jun 21, 2023

When you use the time shifting feature, you are charged for the video size. The pricing of time shifting also depends on the time shifting period. This topic describes the billing rules of time shifting.


The pricing in this topic is January 2021 version, and the actual amount is subject to ApsaraVideo Live pricing page.


Time shifting period (Billing unit: USD/GB)


1 day


3 days


7 days


15 days


30 days




The time shifting feature of ApsaraVideo Live incurs fees from June 12, 2019.



Billing method

You are charged for the total size of the videos that you watch by using the time shifting feature. The time shifting period can be 1 day, 3 days, 7 days, 15 days, or 30 days. Different time shifting periods have different prices.

  • Downstream bandwidth and traffic incur fees when you watch videos. You are charged based on the Alibaba Cloud CDN pricing.

  • You are not charged for the storage that is used to record videos.

Billing cycle


Payment method


Bill time

Bills are generated within 1 hour after the current billing cycle ends.

Settlement time

Fees are automatically deducted after bills are generated.

Billing example

Scenario: A live streaming video is broadcasted at 20:00 (UTC+8) on June 17. The video bitrate is 1 Mbit/s and the video length is 1 hour. One stream is played. Assume that you have enabled the time shifting feature for the video and configured a 3-day time shifting period.

Pricing: The unit price is USD 0.047/GB for a 3-day time shifting period, as shown in the Pricing section. Traffic = 1 Mbit/s × 3,600s/8 = 450 MB = 0.45 GB.

The fee of time shifting on June 17: 0.45 GB × USD 0.047/GB = USD 0.0207. The bill is generated after 00:00 (UTC+8) on June 18. The fee is automatically deducted from your Alibaba Cloud account. You can watch the video from 20:00 (UTC+8) on June 17 to 21:00 (UTC+8) on June 20.