This topic describes how to create an Alibaba Cloud account and create an AccessKey for the account.

You can log on to the DTplus console by using an Alibaba Cloud account or as a Resource Access Management (RAM) user.

  • An Alibaba Cloud account owns Alibaba Cloud resources. Resource usage is measured and billed to the Alibaba Cloud account. You can use the Alibaba Cloud account to create RAM users for your enterprise. You can also use the Alibaba Cloud account to manage and grant permissions to RAM users.
  • RAM users are created and managed by the Alibaba Cloud account in the RAM system. RAM users do not own resources, so the resource usage of a RAM user is not measured and billed to the RAM user. The Alibaba Cloud account centrally controls all RAM users, including the payment for resources used by RAM users.

Therefore, you must have an Alibaba Cloud account and manage your RAM users in RAM before using DTplus services.

Create an Alibaba Cloud account

If you have not created an Alibaba Cloud account, go to the Alibaba Cloud official website. Click Free Account to open the Alibaba Cloud account creation page and create an Alibaba Cloud account.

Notice An Alibaba Cloud account is a privileged account to which resource usage is billed. Keep the username and password safe and regularly change the password.

Complete real-name verification

Only an Alibaba Cloud account that is verified with a real name can purchase and use services in Alibaba Cloud. If you have not completed real-name verification, go to the real-name verification page and complete the verification.
  • To make sure that you can use services in Alibaba Cloud, you must complete real-name verification.
  • If you are an enterprise user, we recommend that you complete enterprise-level verification for more convenience.

Create an AccessKey

To make sure that nodes created in DataWorks workspaces can be run, you must create an AccessKey for your Alibaba Cloud account. Different from the username and password that you use to log on to the Alibaba Cloud console, an AccessKey is used by Alibaba Cloud services to verify permissions of ether other. An AccessKey consists of an AccessKey ID and an AccessKey secret.
Notice After creating an AccessKey for your Alibaba Cloud account, keep the AccessKey ID and AccessKey secret safe. If the AccessKey ID or AccessKey secret is or may be disclosed, update the AccessKey in time.

If you disable the AccessKey of your Alibaba Cloud account, nodes created by RAM users under the Alibaba Cloud account fail to be run. Therefore, exercise caution when disabling an AccessKey.

  1. Log on to the Alibaba Cloud console, move the pointer over your profile picture in the upper-right corner, and then click AccessKey to go to the Security Management page.
  2. In the Security Tips dialog box that appears, click Continue to manage AccessKey.
  3. Click Create AccessKey in the upper-right corner. In the dialog box that appears, click Send verification code to obtain an SMS verification code and enter it in the Verification code field. Then click Confirm.
  4. On the Security Management page that appears, view the status of the AccessKey that is created. You can click Disable or Delete in the Action column to disable or delete the AccessKey.Action
    Note If you disable the AccessKey, all of the services that use the AccessKey fail to be run and report errors. Therefore, after you update your AccessKey, you must check the running status of services that use the AccessKey and recover the services in time.