Deploy to other Alibaba Cloud products

You can use the Deploy function to deploy an issued certificate to other Alibaba Cloud products with one-click deployment.

Currently, supported Alibaba Cloud products include CDN, SCDN, DCDN and Server Load Balancer.

If any problems occur when attempting to deploy a certificate, see FAQs for deploying certificates to cloud products.
Note Before deploying a certificate to other Alibaba Cloud products, verify that those products have been purchased for the intended account and that corresponding cloud product services have been activated for the domains added to the certificate. Otherwise, the deploy function may not work.

Download and configure the certificate to other products

Follow these steps to first download the certificate locally, and then to deploy your digital certificate to other products:

  1. Log on to the Alibaba Cloud Security Certificate Services Management console.
  2. In the Issued page, click Download of the Operate.
  3. In the Download Certificate page, click Download of target certificate to download the certificate in PEM format.
  4. Once the certificate is successfully downloaded, you must upload and configure the certificate in the console of the corresponding cloud product.