Certificate Management Service is a platform that is provided by Alibaba Cloud for certificate issuance and management. Certificate Management Service allows you to manage your SSL certificates throughout their entire lifecycles and manage private certificates. You can install and manage certificates in different scenarios. This topic describes the services that are provided by Certificate Management Service.

Service Description References
Manage SSL certificates (referring in particular to server certificates) Alibaba Cloud SSL certificates are trusted credentials that are issued by well-known certificate authorities (CAs). The CAs are certified by Webtrust. You can use SSL certificates to authenticate visitors to your website and encrypt data in transmission.

HTTP cannot be used to encrypt data. During HTTP transmission, data leaks, data tampering, or phishing attacks may occur. After you install an SSL certificate on your web server, you can establish HTTPS-encrypted connections between your web server and the website. This ensures the security of your website and data transmission. In addition, your website can meet the compliance requirements of app stores or application ecosystems.

Common scenarios
Manage private certificates Private Certificate Authority (PCA) allows you to build a private certificate platform for your enterprise in an efficient manner. Then, you can issue and manage self-signed private certificates within your enterprise. Private certificates are used to authenticate applications and encrypt and decrypt the data of your enterprise. Overview