International ISV Go-To-Market with Alibaba Cloud

Innovated Growth ISV will have the opportunity to become a Premier International ISV
once upon passing the Geo Expansion Readiness Assessment. The more you sell with
Alibaba Cloud, the more benefits you unlock, which is the key to success
of the partnership.

Innovated Growth ISV & Premier International ISV

Supported ● Not supported ○




(Co-Sell agreement not signed)

Innovated Growth ISV

(Co-Sell agreement Signed)

Premier International ISV

(Co-Sell agreement Signed)
Onboard as an ISV
Onboard ISV Partner (Onboarding guideline)
Solution in Marketplace
Solution feature on international marketplace
0 Dollar solution listing
Co-Sell with Alibaba Cloud
In order to enable Co-Sell ability and GTM benefits, partner must:
● Onboarded as an ISV
● Sign a Co-Sell agreement
● Have their solution/s published in the marketplace
Co-Branded Social Media
LinkedIn post featuring
Co-Branded PR Resources
Press Release / Article Features, to be share publicly and internally.
To Initial: Partner to provide the information
Co-Branded Success Stories
Partner to provide the stories, to be share publicly and internally.
Regionals Co-branded Community Activities
ISV Internal/External Community: Education Workshop, Series, many more.
Geo-Expansion Assessment
Geo Expansion Readiness Assessment:
Once partner passes this assessment, Premier International ISV GTM Benefits will be enabled.
Premier GTM Geo-Expansion
Engagement sessions such as business, solution(s) and success stories sharing with different regional Sales & SA.
Premier Co-branded Event/Campaign/Stage Activities
Example: Cloud Summit, Partner Summit, Cloud Nexus (Online), Nexus Day (Offline), Apsara, e-Magazines/Catalog, Solution Workshop Sharing Activites.
Premier Success Stories / Press Release with Alibaba Cloud Leadership quoting
Press Release with Alibaba Cloud Leadership quote, to be share publicly and internally.
To Initial: Partner to provide the story.

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How to apply to become Alibaba Cloud Marketplace Technology Partner
How to sign Co-Sell agreement with Alibaba Cloud International
How to publish Marketplace products for Image product
How to publish Marketplace products for SaaS products
How to publish Marketplace products for Service products
How to track project delivery status through Seller Portal function
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