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Marketplace:Overview of Publishing SaaS Products

Last Updated:Aug 08, 2023

To sell your software as a service(SaaS) product in Alibaba Cloud Marketplace, you must publish the product to Alibaba Cloud Marketplace first. Alibaba Cloud Marketplace provides different modes to instruct you to produce SaaS instances. Instance production is an important step in the transaction of SaaS products. After customers purchase your SaaS products, Alibaba Cloud Marketplace sends you the purchase information and instructs you to produce SaaS instances in service provider interface (SPI) or license mode.

SPI Mode

The SPI mode applies to SaaS products that are immediately activated after customers purchase them.

To use the SPI mode, you must develop an SPI operation based on the SPI specifications that are provided by Alibaba Cloud Marketplace. In addition, you must provide the endpoint of the SPI operation when you publish an SaaS product. After a customer purchases or renews the SaaS product, Alibaba Cloud Marketplace calls the SPI operation to instruct you to produce or renew the SaaS instance for the customer. After you produce or renew the SaaS instance, you must return relevant information to Alibaba Cloud Marketplace. For more information, see Publish SaaS products in SPI mode.

Thefollowing documents and links are related to the SPI mode:

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License Mode

The license mode applies to SaaS products that must be activated by customers themselves at the official websites of the SaaS products after purchase.

To use the license mode, you must develop an activation page for your SaaS product. Inaddition, you must provide the URL of the product activation page when you publish your SaaS product. Alibaba Cloud Marketplace generates a license for each SaaS product that a customer purchases, and displays the license to the customer in the Alibaba Cloud Marketplace console. After the customer obtains the license, the customer can go to the product activation page and enter the license. Then, you can call the Describe License and Activate License operations that are provided by Alibaba Cloud Marketplace to verify the validity of the license. If the license is valid, you can activate the SaaS product for the customer. For more information about the Describe License and Activate License operations, see the following topics:

·Describe License

·Activate License


Note Only authorized RAM users can call the license-relatedoperations. For more information, see Create a Custom Policy.

To allow RAM users to call license-related operations, you must configure the following custom policies for the RAM users:

"Statement": [
"Effect": "Allow"