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Live: Deep Dive into the Technology Behind Double 11

Li Feifei VP of Alibaba Group
Top Scientists Live: Tech Secrets to Double 11 Success Revealed
Nov 11th 10:00 AM (UTC+8)
Watch Replay Nov 11th 10:00 AM (UTC+8)
Jia Yangqing VP of Alibaba Group
Top Scientists Live: Deep Dive into Double 11's Big Data Compute and AI Capabilities
Nov 11th 2:00 PM (UTC+8)
Watch Replay Nov 11th 2:00 PM (UTC+8)

6th Generation ECS Cloud Servers Now Available

Overall increase in performance with X-Dragon architecture and the newest 2nd Gen Intel® Xeon® scalable processors

Computing Performance up to 30% Faster

6th Gen ECS cloud servers come equipped with the newest 2nd Gen Intel® Xeon® Scalable Processor. Its Turbo Boost Technology increases the main frequency to 3.2Ghz, increasing floating computing performance by 30% compared to last gen.

Computing Performance up to 30% Faster

Jitter Performance Less than 0.0001%

Optimized virtualization technology for 6th Gen ECS cloud severs has improved jitter performance to the extend of only 0.0001% of delay of ping flood packet exceeded 1ms in the test.

Jitter Performance Less than 0.0001%

The Best Choice for Deep Learning

With the power of deep learning acceleration from Intel processors, many of machine learning operations can be sped up. In a wide range of workload cases, its reasoning performance can be improved 2 - 4 times automatically.

The Best Choice for Deep Learning
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Alibaba Cloud was ranked No.1 in Asia Pacific by Gartner (IaaS market share). Learn More >

20 Global Data Centers

Alibaba Cloud operates 61 availability zones in 20 regions in world. Learn More >

1-on-1 Consulting Service

Offering 1 on 1 presales consultation, 24/7 technical support for you. Learn More >

China Gateway

Power your progress in China by working with Alibaba Cloud. Learn More >

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Product Features

Fully Managed Database Services

Optimized database services that support open-source database engines

Our database services automatically and continuously manage and monitor your database health and hardware securely. Whenever issues are detected on your database, Alibaba Cloud will locate it and fix it for you.

Build Low-Latency Global Networks

Speed up your network for a global user base with CEN

Do you have users around the world? With Cloud Enterprises Network (CEN), latency problem caused by geographical distance is a thing of the past. With network infrastructure globally located, CEN allows you to increase user experience and customer satisfaction.

Struggling with DDoS Attacks?

Protect your servers from malicious DDoS attacks with Anti-DDoS

Anti-DDoS Premium protects your business, income, and users as well as reputation from damage caused by potential DDoS attacks.Even if attacks occur, with it your business will keep running.

Send Messages to Millions of Customers

Connect to your customers all around the world

Alibaba Cloud's Short Message Service (SMS) covers over 200 countries and regions. It allows you to leverage the software development kits to send messages to millions of users around the world.

First Choice for Enterprise Mail

Complete mail solution with your company domain

Alibaba Mail lets you bind your own domain and send professional emails from your business. It is an enterprise-grade cloud email solution designed for all businesses with up to 1TB email storage.

Save More with Reserved Instances (RI)

Flexible and cost-effective purchasing option for cloud servers

Reserved Instances (RI) provide a discount of up to 79% off compared to pay-as-you-go pricing model, and ensure high availability through resource reservation.

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