Auto Scaling

High application availability with automatic scaling of servers as per changing traffic needs

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In traditional hosting models, there are a fixed number of servers needed to be provisioned. A few servers are kept in standby mode, which are added or removed manually with changing traffic. To handle unpredictable traffic, resources are pre-provisioned based on the traffic expectations to address a possible surge. This provisioning is done on the basis of unreliable capacity planning methods, which can lead to over provisioning due to un-utilized server capacity or under-provisioning due to unavailability of required resources.

Solution Architecture

  1. User request is received and served by the nearest DNS server, and automatically routed to the CDN for accelerated content delivery.
  2. It is then sent to the mapped Server Load Balancer, which distributes incoming application traffic among multiple ECS instances in a round robin manner.
  3. To scale servers based on real-time traffic demands, auto scaling service is configured on web servers and application servers. These servers are automatically added or removed from Server Load Balancer and ApsaraDB for RDS whitelists.
  4. To store and manage relational data, application servers are connected to ApsaraDB for RDS databases.
  5. All database backup archive files, root location backup and log files of the web servers are stored in scalable OSS, which scales up or down automatically ensuring no disruption of services.


  • High uptime of your application
  • Automatic provisioning of servers
  • Better cost management
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