Accelerated Content Delivery

For reliable web application hosting, faster content delivery and optimized application performance

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In traditional web application architectures, all user requests are served from one single server or central location. When web applications receive a high volume of traffic, servers can be overloaded, which might make sites slower or even make servers crash. Also, if your users are spread across different geographical locations, there may be latency issues as the content is being served from one central location. Therefore, it is necessary to use Content Delivery Network (CDN) for faster content delivery and optimized application performance.

Solution Architecture

  1. When a user request is received on your website, it is served by the nearest Alibaba Cloud DNS server which resolves the domain name and automatically routes it to the infrastructure running on Alibaba Cloud services.
  2. The user request is then handled by a web traffic distribution service, Server Load Balancer, which automatically distributes incoming application traffic among multiple ECS instances in a round robin manner. Both application and web servers are hosted on scalable ECS instances provisioned in multiple availability zones. To store and manage relational data, application servers are connected to ApsaraDB for RDS databases.


  • Global delivery
  • Static & dynamic content acceleration
  • Minimized latency and improved performance
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