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Demai Ni

Sr. Staff Product Manager

Demai Ni is a Technical Director and Sr. Staff Product Manager at Alibaba Cloud, currently working in Database Business Unit responsible for international market. Previously, Demai was a Principal Software Architect at Huawei American Research Lab, working on Distributed Cloud-Native GaussDB Database (aka. LibrA, a MPPDB system), and the founding engineer for its SQLonHadoop Project ELK.

Xiang Zhou

Staff Product Manager,
Database Group, Alibaba Cloud

Xiang Zhou works in Alibaba Cloud Database Product team in Hangzhou. Before working in the database product team, he was one of the core developers of Alibaba Cloud OLAP database products, AnalyticDB and Data Lake Analytics. He has more than 12 years research and development experience in the areas of database engine, open source big data projects and cloud computing. Over the years, Xiang Zhou had more than 35 patents issued in relational database, big data, distributed computing and cloud computing areas.

Weishan ANG

Database Architect,
Alibaba Cloud Intelligence

Weishan has over 9 years of working experience as a Database Engineer on Linux platform. He started off his career as an DBA, working in various industries. 5 years ago, he started working with open-source datastore technologies. Currently, he works in Alibaba as a Database Architect, helping customers in adopting Cloud database technologies.

Mingpei Yang

Business Intelligence Engineer
at Kopi Kenangan

Mingpei Yang is the Business Intelligence Engineer at Kopi Kenangan. He developed and maintained ADBPG, DTS and Dataworks on Alibaba Cloud, also other data processes and tools for monitoring and improving the reliability of the ETL infrastructure and data quality. Mingpei collaborated with business stakeholders, managers and engineers to define and design operational reporting solutions. He developed and maintained data visualization and reporting systems, which based on Superset and Tableau, built upon and improved current Metabase platform to give business users and internal teams deeper insight into their daily needs.

Steve Xue

Training Advisor

Mr. Steve Xue has been working in IT industry for more than 15 years. Experienced on enterprise level products developing and testing, especially on network and storage related products. Now working as training advisor to provide online and offline training courses and delivery service to our customers globally focusing on Cloud Computing and Security areas.


PolarDB | $1 for the 1st month
Featured specifications include:
PolarDB MySQL(5.6/8.0) - polar.mysql.x4.large (4 cores, 16GB)
PolarDB PostgreSQL(11) - (4 cores, 16GB)
PolarDB Oracle - polar.o.x4.large (4 cores, 16GB)
AnalyticDB | $1 for the 1st month
Featured specifications include:
AnalyticDB for MySQL - 2 node groups, C8 (8 cores, 64GB, 100GB SSD)
AnalyticDB for PostgreSQL - Node Num 2, SSD (1 core, 8GB, 80GB user storage space)

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A cloud-native relational database compatible with MySQL, PostgreSQL, and Oracle.

AnalyticDB for MySQL

A real-time data warehousing service that can process PB data with high concurrency and low latency.

AnalyticDB for PostgreSQL

Online expansion and performance enhanced data warehouse based on the open source Greenplum database.

Data Transmission Service

A migration and synchronization service between various data storage types.

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