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What is ACA Cloud Computing Certification

This blog describes what ACA Cloud Computing Certification is and how to obtain ACA Cloud Computing Certification.

What is ACA Cloud Computing Certification?

Alibaba Cloud Certification Associate (ACA - Alibaba Cloud Certification Associate) is a certification technical designed for personnel who can use Alibaba Cloud Computing products. It covers Alibaba Cloud's core products including computing, storage, networking and security.


The ACA Cloud Computing Certification assesses the certificate holders' possession of the following capabilities:

  • Has general knowledge of IT, Cloud Computing and Network Security.
  • Can develop general solutions and enterprise best practices based on Alibaba Cloud's products and business needs.
  • Knows the use and operation of Alibaba Cloud's ECS, Server Load Balancers, OSS, VPC, Auto Scaling, CDN, Alibaba Cloud Security and CloudMonitor products.

How to register for ACA Cloud Computing Certification:

You can register online through the Alibaba Cloud portal.

The link is shown below:

What you need to pass ACA Cloud Computing Certification?

Have Alibaba Cloud-related knowledge:

  • Familiar with the concepts of Alibaba Cloud Computing related products, including ECS, Server Load Balancers, Auto Scaling, OSS, Alibaba Cloud Security services and CloudMonitor (the same below).
  • Aware of main application scenarios of Alibaba Cloud Computing-related products and how they shall be used together.
  • Familiar with operations of Alibaba Cloud Computing-related products, including activating, creating, configuring, starting and stopping and deleting a service instance.
  • Familiar with features of Alibaba Cloud Computing-related products and key product implementation principles.
  • Able to discover and resolve common issues that emerged during the use of Alibaba Cloud Computing-related products.

Have general IT knowledge:

  • Familiar with the concepts and related knowledge of Cloud Computing, such as virtualization, storage and networking.
  • Has knowledge related to typical web application architecture, including web servers, app servers, Server Load Balancers and databases.
  • Familiar with common network protocols such as HTTP, FTP, TCP, UDP and ICMP.
  • Familiar with software development lifecycle.
  • Has rudimentary knowledge of network security, such as firewall policy, key encryption, access control, network security, and network attack and protection.

ACA Cloud Computing Certification examination structure:

I. Total mark and examination duration
The examination paper contains 50 questions, evaluated out of 100 marks and must be completed within 90 minutes.

II. Examination registration
Please register online: https://www.alibabacloud.com/support/certification

III. Examination type
Close-book examination.

IV. Examination content and ratio

ECS: 30%
Server Load Balancer: 20%
Object Storage Service (OSS): 15%
Relation Database (RDS): 10%
Auto Scaling: 10%
Alibaba Cloud Security Service and Cloud Monitor: 10%
General knowledge about Cloud Computing: 5%

V. Question types

Single selection: 30 questions (2 scores per question)
Multiple selections:10 questions (2 scores per question)
True-or-false questions: 10 questions (2 scores per question)

ACA Cloud Computing Certification Scope of content

ECS (Elastic Computing Service)

  • Familiar with ECS-related concepts, including regions and zones, instances, disks, snapshots, images, networks, and security groups.
  • Knows the advantages, billing policies, application scenarios, APIs and SDKs of ECS.
  • Able to deploy applications based on ECS products.
  • Familiar with the usage and operations of ECS instances, disks, security groups, snapshots, images and tags.

Auto Scaling

  • Familiar with the basic concepts related to Auto Scaling, including scaling groups, scaling configuration, scaling rules, scaling activities, scaling trigger tasks, scaling mode and freezing time.
  • Familiar with Auto Scaling features product advantages and common application scenarios.

Server Load Balancer

  • Familiar with Server Load Balancer-related basic concepts and features, including the Server Load Balancer definition, implementation principles, supported protocols, session persistence, health checks, backend server weights, certificates, and forwarding policies.
  • Familiar with Server Load Balancers product advantages and its application scenarios.
  • Has knowledge about usage, operation and maintenance of Server Load Balancers, including Server Load Balancer configuration, maintenance, precautions, and problem identification and handling.

OSS (Object Storage Service)

  • Familiar with the OSS-related concepts, including regions, buckets, objects, anti-leech, and object lifecycle management.
  • Knows the advantages, application scenarios and billing models of OSS products.
  • Knows the management, use and operations of OSS buckets and objects.

RDS (Related Database Service):

  • Familiar with the RDS-related concepts and the database type supported, include MySQL, SQL Server, PostgreSQL and PPAS.
  • Knows the advantages, application scenarios and billing models of RDS products.
  • Has knowledge about the management, use and operations of RDS instance, such as connecting to RDS, read-only and backup, etc.

Alibaba Cloud Security services and CloudMonitor

  • Has basic security awareness and security basics of using Cloud services.
  • Knows Alibaba Cloud Security series, such as Anti-DDoS Basic, Anti-DDoS Pro, Security Center and CloudMonitor.

General knowledge about Cloud Computing

  • Practitioners in the cloud computing field are required to possess a basic knowledge about the related concepts, technologies and cloud computing advantages, including the definition, features, advantages, service types, implementation technologies and deployment methods of cloud computing.


Through learning about Alibaba Cloud computing and obtaining industry-standard certifications, our users will be able to progress their career or boost their own business.

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ACA Cloud Computing Certification

USD 120.00, Original Price: USD 200.00

Alibaba Cloud Certification Associate (ACA - Alibaba Cloud Certification Associate) is a certification designed for personnel who can use Alibaba Cloud Computing products. It covers all of Alibaba Cloud's core products from computing, storage, networking to security.

ACP Cloud Computing Certification

USD 120.00, Original Price: USD 200.00

This certification is designed for those familiar with cloud computing and rich operational knowledge of Alibaba Cloud products. ACP Cloud Computing Certification covers a spectrum of Alibaba Cloud core services, including architecture, networking, cloud security, and best practices.

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Elastic Compute Service (ECS)

Alibaba Cloud Elastic Compute Service (ECS) provides fast memory and the latest Intel CPUs to help you power your cloud applications and achieve faster results with low latency.

Auto Scaling

Auto Scaling is a service to automatically adjust computing resources based on your volume of user requests. When the demand for computing resources increase, Auto Scaling automatically adds ECS instances to serve additional user requests or removes instances in the case of decreased user requests.

Server Load Balancer

Alibaba Cloud Server Load Balancer (SLB) distributes traffic among multiple instances to improve the service capabilities of your applications. You can use SLB to prevent a single point of failures (SPOFs) and improve the availability and the fault tolerance capability of your applications.

Object Storage Service(OSS)

Alibaba Cloud Object Storage Service (OSS) is an encrypted, secure, cost-effective, and easy-to-use object storage service that enables you to store, back up, and archive large amounts of data in the cloud, with a guaranteed durability of 99.9999999999%(12 9’s). RESTful APIs allow storage and access to OSS anywhere on the Internet. You can elastically scale the capacity and processing capability and choose from a variety of storage types to optimize the storage cost.

ApsaraDB RDS for MySQL

MySQL is one of the most popular open-source databases in the world. As a key component of the open-source software bundle LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, and Perl/PHP/Python), MySQL has been widely applied to different scenarios.


CloudMonitor collects monitor metrics of Alibaba Cloud resources and custom metrics. The service can be used to detect the availability of your service and allows you to set alarms on specific metrics. CloudMonitor enables you to view and fully understand the usage of the cloud resources, and the status and health of your business so that you can act promptly to ensure the availability of your application when an alarm is triggered.

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