Community Blog Real Guidance for Your Alibaba Cloud Certifications: Updates and Highlights

Real Guidance for Your Alibaba Cloud Certifications: Updates and Highlights

Find out what's new on Alibaba Cloud Certification Exams, courses and structures in 2021. Dive in and explore the different angles the certification exams offer.

In the last quarter, Alibaba Cloud Academy has launched several certifications to enrich the learning path for a technical professional who focuses on different areas. Let's walk through some of these new certifications as well as the structure.

A Comprehensive Certification Structure 

As of January 2022, Alibaba Cloud offers 16 certifications, spread across three difficulty levels. Figuring out where to start your certification journey with Alibaba Cloud and advance further in your career goals can be intimidating, to begin with, but once you clear the 'clouds', the path is apparent. Let's get started!

To identify the right Alibaba Cloud Certification for you, the first step is to identify the role and your needs. Once identified, there are several role/technology-based certification paths to follow through.3fba66cf2cdd5761d38d1918766733323c7e44da

First taste of cloud - Understanding the basic cloud Services in Alibaba Cloud

For beginners who would like to obtain a general understanding of cloud technologies or someone looking for a starting point to help build his/her career, ACA Cloud Computing certification will be a good place to start. This certification gives you an opportunity to learn about some of the essential services that can be provided by Alibaba Cloud such as ECS, OSS, SLB, RDS, and more.


Moving higher - embarking into advanced services in Alibaba Cloud

Beyond the basic cloud services

After you have grasped the cloud computing fundamentals or would like to move up the career ladder functionally/technically, explore certifications that match your capabilities. Based on the experience and skills in hand, you can evaluate if ACP Cloud Computing or ACP Cloud Networking suits your needs. ACP Cloud Networking is a new certification introduced by Alibaba Cloud Academy to address the needs of mastering networking on the cloud.

Securing cloud services

As more data are stored on the cloud, learning how to secure operations, network, host, application, and more in the cloud becomes crucial. ACA/ACP Cloud security will help you understand the multiple layers of security required alongside tools available in Alibaba Cloud in ensuring a safe environment for your business needs.

Make data meaningful

No, we are not data scientists, but we have the tools to make you a good data scientist. Learn how to leverage Alibaba's big data platform to import, integrate, process, and visualize data and make data meaningful for the expansion of your business. We have our Big data certification courses which would definitely make understanding how big data works in Alibaba easier for you so that you can make good use of it.

Developer on cloud

Run Applications on Alibaba Cloud? Learn how to manage and maintain the applications efficiently using the various products available such as containers, function compute, and more via our ACA Developer certification. If you would like to challenge yourself, even more, we have our ACP DevOps Engineer certification which validates skills in provisioning, operating, and managing Alibaba Cloud environments. On top of that, we have our ACP Container certification to upskill Cloud Native deployments.

Operator on Cloud

To test your technical skills for managing, automating, securing, monitoring, and troubleshooting operations on Alibaba Cloud, you should consider ACA System Operator certification.

Moving away - and into the clouds...

With more organizations seeking new ways to adapt, embark and innovate in cloud, cloud migration and adoption becomes a highly sought-after skill set. For individuals with prior experience in migrating business to cloud, ACP Cloud Adoption Framework would be able to provide further knowledge and skills on cloud adoption processes and migration planning in Alibaba Cloud. 

New Certifications

ACP Cloud Networking Certification


What Is It?

As the name suggests, the ACP Cloud Networking Certification exam is intended for IT professionals who want to focus on Alibaba Cloud software-defined networking. It tests the knowledge and skills of engineers who use networking services and solutions of Alibaba Cloud. Obtaining this certification indicates that you can provide technical consultations and develop effective solutions using Alibaba Cloud networking services to address the different business requirements of enterprises, which may include migration to cloud and networking in cloud and hybrid environments.


What Will You Gain by Obtaining This Certification?

With This certification, you will improve your command on cloud delivery networks in the various networking domains, such as routing, switching, route tables, NAT, DNS, HTTP, DNS, TCP/IP, and Open Systems Interconnection (OSI) models. Those who have passed the ACP Cloud Networking exam will gain great advantage in Cloud Infrastructure related jobs with their insights of basic cloud technologies complemented with advanced cloud networking knowledge which will prove to be a significant asset to cooperations working on the Alibaba Cloud Ecosystem.


What Will You Learn When Preparing for This Certification?

l  Learn about cloud computing and networking technologies with the latest technologies and industry trends.

l  Learn about the scenarios, features, parameters, and billing methods of Alibaba Cloud networking services.

l  Learn how to use Alibaba Cloud networking services to build network architecture solutions.

l  Be able to develop effective solutions based on the features of Alibaba Cloud networking services and the business requirements of enterprises and provide technical consultations and solutions for common scenarios, such as migration to cloud and networking.

l  Be able to diagnose issues in network systems that use Alibaba Cloud networking services and provide solutions to these issues.


What Relevant Knowledge Should You Have to Pass the Exam?

l  Have a good understanding of Alibaba basic Cloud Infrastructure

l  Have a good understanding of basic TCP/IP

l  Have a good understanding of network security, information security, and application security

l  Have a basic understanding of Big Data skills such as large-scale distributed systems



ACP Container Service Certification


What Is It?

This is a fitting exam for cloud-native engineers who want to upscale their careers. If you are already familiar with the definition of cloud-native and some core technologies in cloud native architecture and would like to master the orchestration of containers and deployment of application with Alibaba Cloud Container Service for Kubernetes (ACK), this is the right certification for you.



What Will You Gain by Obtaining This Certification?

You will be equipped with the knowledge to set up applications using container technologies. By leveraging on the understanding of cloud native architecture gained from the course, you can develop an application on the cloud that can be built, scaled, operated, and managed easily. This gives you the competitive edge in becoming a Cloud-Native professional.



What Will You Learn When Preparing for This Certification?

lLearn about the core concepts of cloud native which include the development and characteristics. 

lUnderstand the impact of the emergence and application of cloud native technologies and architectures. 

lLearn about the importance and relationship between cloud-native container technologies, such as Docker and Kubernetes. 

lLearn about cloud-native products in Alibaba Cloud such as container service for Kubernetes (ACK), Serverless Kubernetes (ASK), service mesh (ASM), container Registry (ACR), and Edge container service ACK @ Edge in depth. 

l  Be able to help enterprises build cloud-native infrastructure frameworks using core container products of Alibaba Cloud. 

l  Be able to discover and resolve common issues that occur in the use of Alibaba Cloud container-related products.


What Relevant Knowledge Should You Have to Pass the Exam?

l  Have a good understanding of the basic concepts of cloud native

l  Have a good understanding of the features and basic product implementation principles of Alibaba Cloud container products.

Please visit our website at edu.alibabacloud.com to learn more about our exam offerings and services or email us directly at intl_training@list.alibaba-inc.com. We wish you a happy learning journey in 2022!

 The Academy Team


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