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Simplify Workloads with Cloud Resource Management: Resource Orchestration Service

This article explains the complete solution provided by Alibaba Cloud Resource Orchestration Service.

By Shantanu Kaushik

Managing resources on the cloud requires complex policies and an optimized method for an effective resource orchestration scenario. It could be challenging as cloud infrastructure is a vast resource and accounts for massive traffic surges. Cloud management involves provisioning cloud resources based on traffic influx to provide unhinged availability and reduce costs incurred by resource usage. Alibaba Cloud Resource Orchestration Service (ROS) can simplify and automate this complex task.

Alibaba Cloud ROS is a fully-managed service based on Infrastructure as Code (IAC). ROS was designed to automate deployments on the cloud and help with resource orchestration.

ROS simplifies the management process of cloud resources by providing template-based management scenarios. These JSON and YAML templates can provide essential configurations to orchestrate any dependencies and cloud resources, such as Elastic Compute Service (ECS), Server Load Balancer (SLB), and Database systems.

In this article, we will go over the complete solution provided by Alibaba Cloud Resource Orchestration Service.

How Does It Work?

Alibaba Cloud ROS automatically creates and configures all of these resources in a stack that is based on a template to manage the cloud resources and automate deployments. ROS accounts for any O&M that is required with the process. This IAC service creates a repeatable environment that helps with solutions that frequently require resource orchestration, such as create, use, delete, and repeat. A common example of such solutions is DevOps.


Features and Benefits

Alibaba Cloud Resource Orchestration Service (ROS) enables a supremely automated O&M execution environment. Let’s go over some of the main features and benefits associated with Alibaba Cloud ROS:

1.  Resource Management

Alibaba Cloud ROS provides templates for your personalized cloud. Even with large-scale deployments, you can easily work using these templates to automate deployments. The cloud elasticity from Alibaba Cloud makes this service more flexible. After your execution is finished, the stacks are automatically deleted in batches to help with cost-cutting and the necessary resource utilization.

When implementing repeated deployments, Alibaba Cloud ROS can account for operation continuity by standardizing deployment environments. This helps minimize the differences between environments by using templates that contain environment configurations. You can compare the process with code implementation that enables a superior and standardized deployment scenario.

2.  Deployment and Migration

Alibaba Cloud Resource Orchestration Service (ROS) is vital when your business is expanding. Service deployment in a new region can be complex. With ROS, you can use your existing cloud environment as a template. Since no two conditions are the same, different parameters are configured based on the deployment situations. You can use the same template to deploy multiple ECS or SLB instances across your environments. These templates enable the automatic deployment of development, testing, and production environments.

ROS provides an exclusive migration strategy saved within the service as templates. Alibaba Cloud has worked with customers to create these templates to help you migrate your business with your business values.

3.  Managed Service

Alibaba Cloud ROS provides a fully-managed service based on serverless architecture. With automatic execution of O&M tasks, the resources used to execute these tasks are provided free of cost by Alibaba Cloud. With ROS, you can complete tasks faster by creating multiple projects with different stacks. ROS will take care of its management across the creation to completion phases. ROS also offers support for deployment as an API that can be centrally-managed using GIT.

4.  Security and Compliance

Resource Orchestration Service (ROS) is deeply integrated within the Alibaba Cloud Platform and shares the expert services from other solutions. Alibaba Cloud RAM provides a unified authentication environment for Alibaba Cloud ROS service. ROS also shares integration features with ActionTrail, a solution that works to review all O&M operations. This creates a secure and authenticated environment that can run without additional authentication services.

Alibaba Cloud ROS is based on Infrastructure as Code (IAC). While working with a DevOps pipeline, you can integrate your processes by creating and updating the template into the CI/CD pipeline. You can review the code and configuration to ensure that all your cloud resources are orchestrated based only on your approved templates. Doing so will ensure the highest level of compliance with your service code.

5.  Drift Check, Reports, and Audit

Alibaba Cloud ROS provides a unique feature called Drift Detection. You can use this feature to identify any unapproved changes to the resource configuration that is beyond the scope of control of ROS.

You can easily generate reports from the ROS console or use an API to check on all deployment resources. ROS presents this information visually to make it easier to understand and take any necessary corrective measures.

Multiple Use Cases

Alibaba Cloud ROS can be used for multiple operations in different usage scenarios.

1.  Cloud Environment Management

ROS service ensures clean and authorized service management on the cloud. Cloud environment management using Alibaba Cloud is a breeze with deep integration, ActionTrail to monitor O&M, and RAM for resource and access management. ROS ensures that only approved deployment templates are utilized to deploy any cloud environment and the deployment meets all compliance standards.

2.  Migration to the Cloud

Alibaba Cloud ROS ensures a smooth migration process based on templates defined using case studies of success stories based on Alibaba Cloud customers. ROS enables an intricate configuration and deployment of multiple instances based on one template across environments.

3.  On-Demand Deployment

DevOps requires multiple environments provisioning on the fly. ROS can automatically create, execute, and delete environments based on the requirements presented in the pipeline. ROS maintains CI/CD and can be integrated with other tools based on IAC seamlessly.

4.  Multi-Region Distribution

Alibaba Cloud ROS enables a centralized management approach for environments deployed across regions. All of these environments can be deployed using the same templates, which presents a more unified approach towards deployment and management.

Wrapping Up

Alibaba Cloud ROS defines templates for your cloud environment to help you implement large-scale automated deployments whenever necessary. Elastic resource provisioning on the cloud helps keep your expenses under control. Deep integration with other Alibaba Cloud services ensures a more sophisticated to enable elasticity, availability, and superior usage.

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