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Best of Both Worlds – ECS Bare Metal Instance

This article explains the benefits of an ECS Bare Metal Instance for enterprises.

By Shantanu Kaushik

Cloud computing and infrastructure are divided into three categories, Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS), and Software as a Service (SaaS). New concepts, services, and models surface every day.

Today, cloud computing is not only about industrial applications or enterprises leveraging huge computing power for uninterrupted business operations. Cloud computing is for the masses. Many day-to-day tasks are dependent on and facilitated by the cloud. The cloud is for individuals and enterprises of all sizes.

When we talk about cloud computing in daily life, we can imagine a public cloud setup that most applications use for storage or synchronization, among other common usages. We are in an era where technologies, such as IoT, Artificial Intelligence, and Machine Learning can provide numerous life advantages.


When we talk about large-scale enterprises or industrial solutions, we are talking about massive computing power to support an entire infrastructure that supports the economy. Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) is a barebones computing scenario on the cloud but also customizable. However, it requires a user to create most of the solutions apart from the infrastructure itself.

Below is a table representing the three cloud models compared to an on-premises model. This depicts various modules that are distributed with user-managed and provider-managed parameters:


Bare Metal with the Cloud

Bare Metal is a dedicated server that large-scale enterprises with massive operations can rent from a cloud services provider to follow the single tenant model. You can compare to traditional on-premises server setups of an enterprise that is used for all business operations.

In a traditional setup, the organization itself maintained the server hardware and everything else associated to churn out the computing power. Contrastingly, organizations that use Bare Metal Cloud server as a dedicated resource do not need to maintain a physical hardware infrastructure. In a way, it is Infrastructure as a Service without the shared model of service.

The main benefits of a Bare Metal resource are listed below:

  • Dedicated Hardware Infrastructure

Alibaba Cloud has worked closely with the industry and developed its in-house virtualization tech that provides a major upgrade over the previous version of virtualization technology. Independent virtual machines for multiple tasks operate on dedicated hardware for an organization, making it less vulnerable to an outage because of issues with one or multiple virtual machines on the same dedicated hardware. The complete hardware resource is at the disposal of the organization that leases it. That means no resource sharing, making the entire system available for a single-tenant.

  • Access to System Core

System core or root access provides administrative privileges for installing and configuring software based on the personalized demands of an organization. Since there is no sharing, root access gives the organization a direct link to the physical hardware resource without any interference.

A Step Forward – Bare Metal ECS Instance

We have already covered Alibaba Cloud Elastic Compute Service (ECS) in previous articles. Now, let's discuss ECS Bare Metal Instance (EBM) and how it works.

Alibaba Cloud introduced the ECS Bare Metal Instance (EBM) based on the next-generation virtualization technology. The ECS Bare Metal Instance provides the best of both worlds with the features of a physical server and the elasticity of an ECS virtual server. Alibaba Cloud Bare Metal instances provide a seamless and unified amalgamation of services that include ECS and virtualization.

1.  Powerful Computing

Alibaba Cloud ECS Bare Metal Instance (EBM) delivers an unparalleled computing platform that offers a power-packed performance by enabling direct access to the CPU and RAM of the physical server by minimizing the virtualization overheads.

Alibaba Cloud ECS Bare Metal Instance is based on the Alibaba Cloud ECS service and shares its elasticity while retaining the feature-set and resource isolation of a physical machine. The Bare Metal Instance is capable of providing high performance for the gaming and FinTech industries.

2.  Feature-Rich

ECS Bare Metal Instances provides the hardware features and other qualities that a physical server provides. This enables the use of business applications that prefer physical machines over virtualized machines.

Alibaba Cloud developed the ECS Bare Metal Instance based on proprietary chips, state-of-the-art server hardware, and a redefined hypervisor software.

3.  Integration

Alibaba Cloud has a deep-set integration throughout the platform. It provides a highly effective approach for product dependencies and a unique integration scenario that accounts for diverse and effective service interactions. ECS Bare Metal can easily interact with other Alibaba Cloud services for networking, security, storage, and database.

4.  Security

Alibaba Cloud ECS Bare Metal Instance features chip-level trusted execution tech that enables data processing in a secure and trusted environment. This type of security controls the flow of data on the cloud and provides safety using data encryption.

Wrapping Up

The ECS Bare Metal Instance uses virtualization 2.0 developed in-house by Alibaba Cloud. Alibaba Cloud ECS Bare Metal Instance can provide high-performance computing to build better hybrid cloud systems. ECS Bare Metal Instance is highly flexible, elastic, and showcases a mix of physical and virtual machine features.

The ECS Bare Metal Instance supports instruction set type of processors like ARM and can implement re-virtualization easily. Alibaba Cloud ECS Bare Metal Instance helps migrate your offline private cloud and its business applications to the cloud using a physical server feature-set.

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