Community Blog Mabol: Create Real Football Competitions Easily

Mabol: Create Real Football Competitions Easily

This is a featured project from Alibaba Cloud Project Hub, developed by Fazri Aziz.

This is a featured project from Alibaba Cloud Project Hub. It is developed by Fazri Aziz from Indonesia.

Project Introduction

Mabol is a web platform for independent or amateur football clubs/teams that want to find a sparring partners and create a mini football league, similar to that of a professional league (Standing Table, Top Scorer and Assist, Referee, Photographer, Match Schedule).

Amateur football clubs often find it hard to locate other clubs even in same city or location. With Mabol, teams can finding other verified clubs to set up "Friendly Matches" or establish a little competition or league. Clubs can monitor the competition and find the committee for the competition such as Referee, Photographer, and Football Stadium etc. all on the Mabol app. The Website App is also needed to verify each registered club and provide a feature to monitor competition/league. The Committee also needs to register in the system.


The Website app, which is developed using Progressive Web App (PWA) and responsive design, is a solution to cover many users to access the website from many devices (Desktop or mobile Phone). A user can sign up to the website as a player, a club owner, or both. It helps other users to find clubs nearby that are interested in competing. The friendly match feature is available for users to invite another club/team. And it will display in main page so other clubs can see and easy to join the friendly schedule. The Competition Feature allows users to set up their competition/league including Referee, Schedule, and the stadium.

Alibaba Cloud Products Used

  • ECS

This project is hosted by Alibaba Cloud using Elastic Compute Service. Deploying a website in ECS is easy with just a few setups.

The CYOU domain, also purchase from Alibaba Cloud Domain. It is secure, fast, stable, and also easy to connect with ECS IP Public.

Those products are good services at minimal cost, thanks to Alibaba Cloud

About the Developer

I'm a Full Stack Developer that participated in Re-Cloud Challenges Indonesia 2021. I am passionate in Web Development technologies.

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