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How to Create Cross Regional Network with CEN

Cross regional connectivity can be fulfilled in different ways for business in different sizes, in this article, we will introduce how to create cross regional network with Alibaba Cloud CEN.

Depending on your business needs, you can create cross regional network in different ways. For a small hub and spoke type network, a Virtual Private Network (VPN) connection will be sufficient. But when your network grows beyond the borders, you need to connect different tenants with a low-latency, high-speed network with a systematic and centralized network management platform.

Alibaba Cloud offers an end-to-end cross regional network solutions for global enterprises in different sizes. And in this article, we will introduce how to create cross regional network with Alibaba Cloud CEN.

You can follow the following steps to create two VPCs in different regions and connect them with CEN.

  1. Create CEN instance.
  2. Add network: Click on Manage in front of instance name and add another network. Under Regions, select the second region.
    Select the second VPC from the drop-down menu under Networks and click Complete.
  3. Buy a Bandwidth Package on the CEN Instance page.
  4. Set the Cross-Region Bandwidth.

Then you can check the routes automatically generated for the connectivity between the two VPCs under the Routes tab.

For details and how to connect two VPCs in the same Region but different zones, please go to Connecting Regions with Alibaba Cloud Enterprise Network.

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Cloud Enterprise Network (CEN) is an enterprise class network on Alibaba Cloud that enables organizations to connect their VPCs and on premise networks across regions within a couple of minutes.

A bandwidth package is required only for cross-regional communication. Same region communication is free of charge and does not require a bandwidth package.

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Alibaba Cloud CEN is a service that allows you to create a global network for rapidly building a distributed business system with a hybrid cloud computing solution. Alibaba Cloud CEN enables you to build a secure, private, and enterprise-class interconnected network between VPCs in different regions and your local data centers. CEN provides enterprise-class scalability that automatically responds to your dynamic computing requirements.

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