Cloud Enterprise Network (CEN) is a highly-available network built on the high-performance and low-latency global private network provided by Alibaba Cloud.

By using CEN, you can establish private network connections between Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) networks in different regions, or between VPC networks and on-premises data centers. CEN supports automatic route distribution and learning, which speeds up network convergence, improves the quality and security of cross-network communications, and interconnects all network resources. CEN helps enterprises build an interconnection network.

What is CEN


CEN consists of the following components:

  • CEN instances

    CEN instances are basic network resources created and managed by users.

    To connect your network worldwide, you must create a CEN instance first and attach networks to the instance. Then, purchase a bandwidth package and configure an interconnection bandwidth for cross-region communications.

  • Networks

    Networks attached to CEN are all interconnected. Supported networks include VPC, Virtual Border Router (VBR), and Cloud Connect Network (CCN).

  • Bandwidth packages

    A bandwidth package is required for cross-region communications. You must purchase a bandwidth package for the specified areas. An area is a collection of one or more Alibaba Cloud regions. You can check the areas that can be interconnected in the console.

    Note No bandwidth package is required if you want to connect networks in the same region. However, if you want to connect networks in different regions, you must purchase a bandwidth package and configure a bandwidth for cross-region communications. By default, CEN provides a bandwidth of 1 Kbit/s, which allows you to test the connectivity. To run normal services, you must purchase a bandwidth package and configure a proper bandwidth.
    The following table lists the relationship between regions and areas.
    Area Included regions
    Mainland China China (Qingdao), China (Beijing), China (Zhangjiakou), China (Shenzhen), China (Hangzhou), China (Shanghai), China (Hohhot), China (Chengdu)
    North America US (Silicon Valley), US (Virginia)
    Asia Pacific China (Hong Kong), Singapore, Malaysia (Kuala Lumpur), Japan (Tokyo), Indonesia (Jakarta), India (Mumbai)
    Europe Germany (Frankfurt), UK (London)
    Australia Australia (Sydney)

    For example, if you want to connect a network in the China (Beijing) region with a network in the US (Silicon Valley) region, select the interconnection areas as China Mainland and North America when you purchase a proper bandwidth package. For more information, see Scenarios.

Network transmission instructions

Alibaba Cloud provides a high-performance and low-latency private network. This private network provides a secure cloud computing environment to meet your network needs. The loss of network packets during the network transmission may be caused by many factors, including the network stream collision, underlying network (Layer-2) errors, and other network malfunctions. The Alibaba Cloud transmission network is optimized and maintained to ensure that data can be transmitted across regions with a 99th percentile (P99) of per-hour packet loss lower than 0.0001%.

When you use CEN, pay close attention to the following limits:

  • Only the CEN traffic passes through the Alibaba Cloud transmission network. If you use CEN to transmit data between different regions and the bandwidth you have purchased is sufficient, CEN helps you minimize the packet loss.
  • The leased lines connecting mainland China to outside China are provided by China Unicom. These leased lines are optimized and maintained in the same way as the Alibaba Cloud transmission network to achieve a low packet loss rate.