Community Blog Alibaba Cloud Cross-Border Network Solution: Help Multinational Enterprises Easily Connect Their Regional Sites

Alibaba Cloud Cross-Border Network Solution: Help Multinational Enterprises Easily Connect Their Regional Sites

The best solution for multinational enterprises to easily connect their regional sites, staff, and business data located across the globe securely, reliably, and with the enhanced network quality.

Why Alibaba Cloud Cross-Border Network Solution?

Typically, multinational enterprises face three major challenges with cross-border networking, namely: public network cannot assure the level of network security and reliability required for their business, legacy network (physical leased line) is complex to deploy and manage, and finally, enterprises need to continually secure their cloud service endpoints while making them accessible worldwide.

Alibaba Cloud cross-border network solution can help our customers substantially solve above challenges. The solution provides E2E data transmission encryption, global network coverage and ultra-low latency to eliminate enterprises' security and reliability concerns. Meanwhile minute level deployment and centralized maintenance and operation (M&O) platform simplify the network initial set up and ongoing management. In addition, our smart routing mechanism and enterprise grade reliability can enable your cloud service endpoints seamlessly access worldwide.

Alibaba Cloud Cross-Border Network Solution Introduction Video

Alibaba Cloud Cross-Border Network Solution Highlights

Easily Connect Your Business from Anywhere

Alibaba Cloud provides multinational enterprises a unified network solution to easily connect your business all over the world. With network coverage in 21 worldwide regions including 110+ POP nodes and 2800+ edge nodes, customer can rely on Alibaba Cloud to deliver high speed network access and ultra-low transmission latency. In addition, your cross-border network can be easily deployed in minutes with only four configuration steps. Our centralized M&O system provides a more transparent and simpler experience that can help lower long term OPEX.

End-to-End Security & Enterprise Grade Reliability

Alibaba Cloud cross-border network solution provides comprehensive security protection from network transmission security to application security. The Alibaba Cloud cross-border solution gives you an isolated network transmission pathway with data encryption to safeguard your business. In addition, to prevent attacks from public network, Anti-DDoS and WAF are able to keep threats away from your cloud environment. Eventually, our build-in redundant connectivity and enterprise grade reliability are thriving to provide customer an excellent network surfing experience.

Connect Your Virtual Private Clouds (VPCs) without Boundaries

When you migrate your services to the cloud, whether from on-premises or from a different provider, Alibaba Cloud cross-border network solution allows you to easily and securely connect multiple VPCs. We even thoughtfully provide you a solution to connect multi-vendor cloud services via tightly involved with our partners. Your regional site or staff can easily visit all your cloud services through our multi-type access gateway and network.

How Alibaba Cloud Cross-Border Network Solution Works?

Connect Site Offices and Data Centers Across Multiple Regions

For most enterprises, the success of a digital transformation strategy relies on the ability to connect sites and staff in different regions seamlessly over the cloud. Alibaba Cloud Enterprise Network (CEN) provides networks with industry-leading security and enterprise-grade reliability. Alibaba Cloud CEN can connect your site offices, data centers and VPCs across regions, all in just four easy steps. Alongside CEN, you can also use Smart Access Gateway (SAG) for your on-premises infrastructure to access CEN through a variety access method.

Optimize and Transform Legacy Networks

Legacy leased line networks are susceptible to being cut off and the deployment of multiple leased lines often leads to complex network planning and high expenses. Alibaba Cloud cross-border network solution helps you cope with these concerns by improving network efficiency and reliability, simplifying network planning and M&O, and lowering total network cost. Our virtualized network solution offers agile access for you to flexibly connect site offices to IDCs with redundant connectivity. Moreover, by adopting a full-meshed network topology, network planning and deployment time is shortened from months to days.

Accelerate Websites, Mobile Apps and Application Services

Creating a smooth and friendly user experience is a necessity for today's application services, especially for e-commerce, financial services, aviation, hospitality, and media industries. Alibaba Cloud helps you achieve this through our ”Triple Acceleration" solution, providing nearest access to global nodes, dedicated network transmission, and smart routing with optimized transmission protocols. Enterprises can adopt Cloud Enterprise Network (CEN) to gain access to multiple VPCs and regions, as well as to flexibly switch between Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) network and backbone network as needed.

Connect with Mainland China Businesses

When enterprises establish their presence in Mainland China, a smooth and fast connection is extremely crucial for their worldwide collaboration. Network quality issues such as packet loss, jitter, and long latency can heavily affect efficiency and reliability. Alibaba Cloud cross-border network solution helps you cope with these issues through our extensive presence and experience in China market. As the No.1 cloud vendor in China, we closely cooperate with China Tier 1 operators to help your business flourish in Mainland China with guaranteed network quality and excellent experience.

Alibaba Cloud Cross-Border Network Solution Customer Case Study

InterContinental Hotels Group (IHG)

IHG is is a global organisation with a broad portfolio of hotel brands, including Regent Hotels & Resorts, InterContinental® Hotels & Resorts, Kimpton® Hotels & Restaurants, Hotel Indigo®, EVEN® Hotels, HUALUXE® Hotels and Resorts, Crowne Plaza® Hotels & Resorts, voco™ Hotels, Holiday Inn®, Holiday Inn Express®, Holiday Inn Club Vacations®, Holiday Inn Resort®, avid™ hotels, Staybridge Suites® and Candlewood Suites®. IHG franchises, leases, manages or owns more than 5,400 hotels and 810,000 guest rooms in almost 100 countries, with nearly 1,800 hotels in its development pipeline. IHG also manages IHG® Rewards Club, our global loyalty programme, which has more than 100 million enrolled members. InterContinental Hotels Group PLC is the Group's holding company and is incorporated in Great Britain and registered in England and Wales. More than 375,000 people work across IHG's hotels and corporate offices globally.

With more than 350 hotels in Greater China, IHG has made a sound decision to invest in a scalable and robust IT infrastructure for reliable services and long-term growth. By working with Alibaba Cloud, IHG will mesh technology with best-in-class hospitality.

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VPN Gateway

VPN Gateway is used to transmit encrypted traffic between Alibaba Cloud VPCs and enterprise data centers, enterprise office networks, or Internet platforms over the Internet. You can use this service to establish reliable and secure connections for data transmission. According to China’s regulations and laws, Alibaba Cloud VPN Gateway cannot be used as an Internet access service.

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