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Global Network Connection using CEN

Enterprises aim at global market may face the challenge for global network connection. In this article, we will introduce CEN to solve this problem.

Global network connection can be a challenge to businesses in different sizes especially that you need to comply with the strict inter-connectivity regulations.

Alibaba Cloud cross border network solution can help enterprises with business in global market to face the challenge. In this tutorial, we will introduce Cloud Enterprise Network (CEN)which can help you to connect global locations for your businesses.

CEN provides a hybrid and distributed global network ideal for enterprise users with high demand on network coverage and can be used to facilitate communication between VPC to VPC and VPC to IDC. Routing information in CEN can be learned and distributed automatically, which allows CEN to achieve fast routing convergence and improved network quality and security.

With the easy-to-use CEN, you can share bandwidth package by regions, communicate with each network instance with high speed and low latency.

Last mile connectivity provides a critical component of a global network. Alibaba Cloud's SD-WAN product Smart Access Gateway, relies on a combination on a Highly Available hardware deployed to customer premises and a set of PoPs deployed globally to interconnect these locations with Alibaba Cloud's global backbone network.

Backup connectivity generally flows through the internet. Even after employing highly available and redundant networking products from Alibaba Cloud, clients wanting to have another security net for network disconnects can employ Alibaba Cloud's VPN gateway services to provide an extra backup in the highly unlikely event of a CEN failure.

For details, you can go to Connecting Global Locations using Cloud Enterprise Network.

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Alibaba Cloud Global Connection showcased at MWC 2019

At the Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2019 held in Barcelona, Alibaba Cloud released seven major products and solutions including Global Connection, providing global enterprises with Alibaba Cloud-based intelligent enterprise digital transformation ideas. Global Connection is an intelligent network solution tailored for global enterprises. It provides strong IT infrastructure guarantee for Chinese companies that are actively exploring global markets, and paves the path to their enterprise globalization.

Through five years' accumulation of international services, Alibaba Cloud now operates in 19 regions and 56 zones, has more than 110 point of presence (PoP) points and more than 1,500 edge nodes. Relying on Alibaba Cloud's sound global infrastructure resources, we have been gradually improving our network connection solutions for international enterprises. Global Connection effectively solves the above five network pain points of multinational organizations. Global Connection is now serving multinational companies in the manufacturing, service, finance, and Internet sectors, including Fortune Global 500 companies and Chinese domestic companies that have been vigorously exploring international markets.

According to the statistics of Alibaba Cloud customers, after adopting the Global Connection solution, their average network speed is increased by 20 times, and their average network TOC is reduced by about 50%. The time required for activating the global cloud network service is also reduced from months to days. All cloud-based and on-premises systems are connected through the enterprises' private networks, which greatly improves the security of data communication.

Grow Your Network to Grow Your Business

Scaling any network is not an easy feat and comes with significant challenges. It's important that it can be deployed globally, as even if your business is currently focused on one region or country, it is likely to have global ambitions, and your network should not hamper these. Flexibility is also a vital network attribute – can it grow as your business does? Will it allow you to allocate bandwidth resources across regions and scale at any time? This will help to provision for a blog post or video that generates high traffic or a sales day that puts your e-commerce facilities to the test.

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