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How Can I Reduce My Cost for Web Hosting?

This article explains how to reduce the cost of web hosting.

Web hosting is one of the greatest factors behind a website's success or failure. It can be expensive if you are not careful because everything impacts how much you're paying for your website hosting. That is why you can optimize some factors to suit your specific requirements and budget.

Hosting Plans

Some hosting plans are expensive, but every website hosting provider offers different hosting plans for various requirements. The hosting servers, features, and add-ons impact how much you're paying for website hosting.

Alibaba Cloud offers a web hosting solution called Light Space suitable for various needs. It starts with 20GB SSD of Webspace, 1GB of memory, and 50 GB of Monthly Data Transfer, supporting 30,000 visits/month:


Buy a Domain Name Directly with a Web Hosting Plan

Several hosting providers offer the facility to register the domain when subscribing to a web hosting plan. It's a good idea to take your domain name directly to the same provider. Sometimes, they will offer you the domain name for the first year, but you will have to pay for the renewal. If you don't do this, you will have to pay separately for your domain name and the hosting service.

Buy an Annual Hosting Plan for a Long Contract

Some providers offer a hosting plan monthly and annually. It's always cheaper to use an annual plan, especially if it's across multiple years. You should register your domain and hosting plan for multiple years to get a better value for your money.

Alibaba Cloud also provides a one-stop solution in website development, with a good variety depending on your needs. You can save 20% on an annual subscription:


Choose the Appropriate Hosting Plan

The shared hosting industry is a highly competitive playing field. There's a significant price gap between each type of web hosting. Most shared plans can accommodate anywhere from 10,000 to 25,000 monthly visits. Once you start getting more than a 30,000 monthly visit range, you should consider using a higher package plan. Shared hosting packages are attractive because of the low price, which is only possible because of how shared hosting works. On the other hand, dedicated web hosting doesn't involve renting space on a server. Instead, you get the entire server for your website, which is expensive. Alibaba Cloud shows the differences offered with SAS, VPS, or Virtual Host on the diagram below:


Track Special Deals, Coupons, and Offers

Website hosting providers offer huge discounts at specific times throughout the year. Alibaba Cloud is currently offering up to 90% off during the March Mega Sale.


You can take advantage of some special offers available throughout March:


Some providers offer new coupons with some advantages for new accounts. When switching to a new hosting provider or renewing a plan, you should always look for coupon codes or discounts.

Optimizing Your Website

When subscribing to a website hosting plan, there are some limits. If your website needs more resources, you will have to upgrade your package plan. You should optimize the images sizes, improve the SEO, etc. This way, you will not reach your hosting limit. You can try to find some optimization tools to make the task easier or check different offers depending on the hosting plan. This is the case during Alibaba Cloud's March Mega Sale (CDN, Load Balancing, etc.):


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