Community Blog Build Business Applications Rapidly and Economically with Alibaba Cloud Light Space

Build Business Applications Rapidly and Economically with Alibaba Cloud Light Space

This article explains what is Alibaba Cloud Light Space and introduces the newly lunched cloud hosting package plan.

Alibaba Cloud, Asia's leading IaaS provider, has launched the Light Space with Starter Package 4.0. The newly introduced cloud hosting package provides shared and dedicated cloud servers at economical prices for deploying and hosting a wide variety of business applications. Light Space can provide 99.975 percent server uptime, peak data transfer speed of up to 200 Mbps, and top-notch security to customers. But before we dig deep into the features of Light Space, let's first understand:

What is Alibaba Cloud Light Space?

Light Space empowers customers to kickstart their cloud journey by serving as a one-stop solution for all their cloud hosting needs. It is explicitly designed for individual developers and small and mid-sized businesses seeking reliable, secure, and affordable cloud hosting services.

Powered by Alibaba Cloud Elastic Compute Service, Light Space Starter Package 4.0 provides high-performance virtual cloud servers with Linux operating system and multiple data transfer plans at highly discounted rates, starting from $2.5 per month. You can select burstable or enterprise-level ECS instances based on the complexity and workload requirements of your business application while purchasing Starter Package 4.0. You can also view the disk capacity, network bandwidth, and monthly data transfer limits during the plan selection.

Light Space also supplies Alibaba Cloud Simple Application Server (SAS). SAS makes it easier for entry-level users to build and manage a lightweight cloud server for their application hosting needs. Simple Application Servers are best suited for deploying and hosting simple applications, such as personal blogs, forums, and business websites. A SAS instance consists of elastic resources, such as CPU, memory, storage, and networking capabilities, essential for the smooth functioning of the application server.

SAS also provides high-performance ESSD storage and twenty types of ready-to-use images, including application images and operating system (OS) images. Popular application and OS images include WordPress, LAMP, Docker, Drupal, Joomla, OpenCart, CentOS, Ubuntu, and Windows. It also offers powerful application security features like firewall safety and HTTPS encryption. It can also seamlessly integrate with other Alibaba Cloud services, such as Domain Name Resolution (DNS), Virtual Private Cloud (VPC), and SSL Certificate Service.

Outlined below are some of the key features of Alibaba Cloud Light Space:

Global Availability

Light Space offers you the flexibility to host your virtual cloud servers in 11 data center regions around the world, including US East, US West, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, Australia, Germany, China, Singapore, India, and the UK. You can configure and deploy one or more server instances in a single or multiple data center regions using the Light Space user-friendly console to meet your specific hosting requirements. Alibaba Cloud guarantees 99.975% availability and round-the-clock support for every ECS instance, no matter the region.

Free Product Credits

Purchasing Light Space Starter Package 4.0 gives your free product credits to experience other popular Alibaba Cloud products and services, such as Alibaba Cloud CDN, server load balancer, and storage solutions. For instance, you can claim up to $80 free credits for Alibaba Cloud CDN by opting for a Lightspace cloud hosting plan.

Robust Compliance

Alibaba Cloud helps you safeguard sensitive customer and business information and prevent costly data breaches by ensuring compliance with local data privacy laws of the countries where the Light Space servers are deployed. In addition, Alibaba Cloud products and services that readily integrate with Light Space are fully compliant with the international and domestic data privacy standards.

Economical Pricing

Light Space unites and delivers all the vital compute, storage, and networking resources that you require to build different applications, that too, with predictable and stable pricing. It simplifies the process of building and deploying a business application for novice users by offering one-click deployment support.

Light Space Plan Comparison with Other Cloud Hosting Providers

The newly introduced cloud hosting plans in Light Space are up to 50 percent less expensive than the plans offered by other vendors in the market. For example, the entry-level monthly cloud hosting plan consisting of a single vCPU, 1 GB of RAM, and Linux operating system from Alibaba Cloud Light Space costs $2.50 compared to $5 by other market vendors. Similarly, the Light Space monthly cloud hosting plan consisting of 2 vCPUs and 4 GB of RAM costs $10 as opposed to $20 by other market vendors.


Despite being economical, Alibaba Cloud Light Space doesn't compromise on the computing power, making it an option worth considering for users looking for affordable yet reliable cloud hosting services. To know more about the Light Space cloud hosting plans, visit the Alibaba Cloud website.

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