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Get Certified as a Professional, follow the Alibaba Cloud Learning Path

Work through our course material, learn different aspects of various technologies, and get certified as a professional!

Alibaba Cloud's online learning paths are a list of courses aimed to improve a skill set for a certain role in the Information Technology Industry. The learning paths ask users to complete a series of certification courses that teach the fundamentals, practical application, and work through scenarios. Each learning path concludes with a Career certification that showcases your proficiency in each discipline. Master your craft and get certified as a professional today!


DevOps Career Learning Path

In efforts to improve your e-commerce or online business, you will not only learn the fundamental philosophies of DevOps workflow, but also learn about the processes and tools needed to release software faster and more reliably, while obtaining industry standard certificates boosting your professional cloud credibility.

DevOps Learning Path: https://edu.alibabacloud.com/certification/devops-learningpath

Networking Engineer Learning Path

Cloud networking is a type of infrastructure where network capabilities and resources are available on demand through hosting on the Alibaba Cloud platform. The Networking Career Path teaches users the basics of creating a Cloud server and how to set up a range of network scenarios. Improve your ability to make connections on the cloud, earn a professional certificate from the Academy and advance your career!

Networking Learning Path: https://edu.alibabacloud.com/certification/network-learningpath

Big Data Analyst Learning Path

The job market for architects, engineers, and analytics professionals with Big Data expertise continue to increase. The Big Data Analyst Career path focuses on the tools and techniques needed to input, analyze and visualize large data sets. Learn different techniques of working with Big Data and get certified to become a professional Big Data Analyst.

Big Data Learning Path: https://edu.alibabacloud.com/certification/bigdata-analysis-learningpath

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