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Certified Developer Opportunity for Data Science by Alibaba Cloud

Alibaba Cloud and CodePolitan launched DevHandal campaigns in September 2023. This article from Hendry Wijaya is selected as the Top 10 Blog in the campaign.

To help developers in Indonesia learn and use Alibaba Cloud services, Alibaba Cloud and CodePolitan launched DevHandal campaigns in September 2023. Among the over 10000 participants, many developers have documented their process of using Alibaba Cloud service with blog posts. This article from Hendry Wijaya is selected as the Top 10 Blog in the campaign.


Data is everything because most technologies are used to access, manage, process, and store data.

Furthermore, the requirement to manage data expansion becomes more critical, however running the complex algorithm in local machine is risky due to memory and computing limitations. People started leveraging the cloud’s power to run complex algorithms to complement these limitations, by doing cloud computing as long it flight on the market and help business thrives and scale up to perform better.

Cloud computing takes a critical role in companies that don’t have enough server capacity, but rent a server to be data centers from other companies as the vendor.

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So that the company can reduce the cost of server maintenance because the vendor of the cloud server has many numbers of servers from other companies that subscribe to the cloud service. Everything that’s Cloud-related is currently making a major disruption in the world of technology, which enlarges the migrations until focussing all on the cloud and already changes a lot of things that make the company more valuable in storing the data. Cloud Computing changes the fundamentals of Information technology, in which the physical storage of data is not necessary because it can manage and process data virtually in the cloud.

This is the reason why Cloud Computing is Urgently Important to every data department in most company, not even to small business because the data drive help grow and scale up the business. And this article explains the experience belajar cloud yang diselenggarakan oleh Alibaba Cloud and Code Politan.

Alibaba Cloud Certified Developer


Most data science content that everybody talks from every online media whether it’s on YouTube, KDNuggets, Medium, AnalyticVidya, Toward Data Science, and many more are often frequently mentioned Clouds, especially for the requirements when managing BIG DATA or THE DATA WITH LARGE SCALE that gathered by the most company either startup or a corporate enterprise. So, there are many cloud jobs like Cloud Engineer that intersect with Data related jobs such as Data Engineer, Data Scientist, ETL Developer, DWH Developer, or Data Architect. But deep dive into the cloud, can we please pay attention to what is cloud developer? So let’s begin, Certified Developer is a Certification that is provided by Alibaba Cloud to every person who completes one Hands-on Lab.


To acquire the certificate, it must be done by following these steps such as

  • Create an Alibaba Cloud account and get the cloud service
  • Complete the hands-on practice on the tutorial labs module
  • Finally, you can claim the certificate!

Certification Cloud Opportunity by Dev Handal

Everybody reads this page has a jackpot that Developer Handal recently released the program that named devhandal which is a coding courses scholarship so everybody has the opportunity to learn coding in 1 year for free to achieve international developer certification. THIS IS YOUR OPPORTUNITY to learn Javascript and Master your coding skills with Javascript from DevHandal held by CODEPOLITAN which collaborates with ALIBABA CLOUD. While the Codepolitan referred from CodePolitan Website, CodePolitan is an online learning platform for programming that uses the Indonesian language and was developed specifically to help young students and professionals learn programming to become competitive digital talent in the era of Industry Revolution 4.0. On the other hand, Alibaba Cloud referred to the Alibaba Cloud Website, which is a cloud computing company and a subsidiary of Alibaba Group. Alibaba Cloud provides cloud computing services for digital businesses and the electronic commerce ecosystem.


Before we continue, let you know that learning Fullstack Javascript is worth for data people because learning Fullstack can help you understand to make app which the machine learning model is embedded in, so you have an understanding of how to deploy the machine learning model as production into the real world app and turn the model as the piece of program or features in the applications either it’s mobile app or web app. Most highlighted javascript use in data science is on visualisasi data, that javascript is known for website development with aesthetic interface, by using javascript make the display of visualization more interesting. So Javascript can be used to make complex data visualization by the Object-oriented programming language essential for developing online graphics and visualization and can be worked with the product team. Javascript’s Libraries used for data visualization are Chart JS and D3 JS

Photo by Pakata Goh on Unsplash

On the machine learning model, Javascript can be used to develop a Machine Learning Model with Automation. Likewise on operating tensorflow that’s the open-source library that can be implemented using javascript to execute the Machine Learning Model, Like Tensorflow JS that can build a Machine Learning model on Web Applications.

In addition, data scientists can use the library to develop Applications and Automation Tasks. Data scientists that leveraged in web development can be able to develop websites or applications that combine technology and data, having some knowledge and ability of the process of platform development can be useful when collaborating with the development team or developing their own product. Javascript also can be used to make a professional portfolio that contains data visualization and the model as the online presence to be displayed for employers or recruiters.

Leveraging data science with full stack development skills also upskilling on managing data pipeline from capture, database, analysis until presentation. It is also worth being a data scientist that is attached to web development skills as those 2 fields is broad and have much stuff to be learned in a lifetime. Those are the benefits when data people like data science or data analysts leverage javascript, especially expanding data visualization skills on web app. After that let’s get back to the topic of the learning experience of a certified developer with Alibaba Cloud.

Pre Requisites


Before starting the Certification, ensure that have or created an Alibaba Cloud account already, or you can’t register by following the guide video provided on CodePolitan Channel YouTube in Dev Handal Playlist and don’t forget to prepare the credit card which is available for online international transaction in the purpose of payment method so we can access the free trial to each paid class. The prepared credit card must have a minimum balance of around $1 or Rp 20000 that will returned after a few hours.


Then create the Alibaba Cloud Account by the type Individual by inputting the email to verify the account, then fill the personal data and choose the payment information either Credit-Debit Card or Paypal, but I pick debit-credit card because I’m using Jenius M-card, and finally, Alibaba Account created.

Next, create the ECS Instance by choosing ECS t5 Instance 1C1G Year and clicking trial version, we configure the setting and create the password according to the guideline video, once we have done the configuration we end up confirming and clicking purchase. So that, we have an ECS instance with Credential, Password, and provided Public IP by the Instance that we will use all of them during the Deployment of MySQL Database in 10 Minutes, Tutorial Labs on Build a Cloud Based CentOS 7, and Tutorial Labs on Create a Cloud Based CentOS 7.


Deploy MySQL Database in 10 Minutes

This lab introduces hands-on practice on how to install MySQL on an ECS instance configured with CentOS, perform common MySQL operations, and use basic SQL statements. It began by configuring the instance with Cent OS 7 according to the guide from the module and video from Codepolitan after that click icon corresponding to the image on the left tab to enter the web terminal and input the password corresponding to the ECS Instance, then every step already guided end-to-end by the tutorial on the sidebar. However, this section only explains the experience you’ll get in these courses. According to the guide on the sidebar, you’ll deal with every syntax and prompt that you’ll input on the terminal web by copy-paste or you can type manually on the keyboard.

This practical Hands-on contains about the installation of MySQL using Terminal Web on Alibaba Cloud with ECS, began by installing MySQL with yum command, interacte the Mysql service with systemctl, you’ll learn how to get the temporary password using grep, changing the password of root user with ALTER USER and IDENTIFY syntax with following command ALTER USER root@localhost IDENTIFIED BY ‘yourpassword’, there’s a recall from how to manage permission on Mysql using GRANT ALL PRIVILIGES, set the password using -uroot -p(yourpassword) and the commond SQL Statment that consist of CRUD from create table, insert-select-update-delete table. When you finish the hands-on, you’ll instructed to finish the test by submit the screenshot of final output on Terimal Website. After the submission check the email, and wait the certification around 1x24 hour during the weekday or working day, the certificate will be released on your email inbox.

Tutorial Labs on Build a Cloud-Based Blog CentOS 7

The lab uses WordPress as the background of the website, by using WordPress to build a simple independent blog or small portal website. This beginning step are same as the previous hands-on by configuring the instance with Cent OS 7, then clicking the icon to enter the web terminal and input the password, and then every step is guided end-to-end by the tutorial on the sidebar. This beginning step are same as the previous hands-on and every step is already guided end-to-end by the tutorial on side bar. And then these are the experiences you’ll get in this course, by following the guide on the sidebar. This practical also practices with SQL database and SQL password modification using grep password and ALTER USER IDENTIFY, but you also learn PHP and WordPress that you have your own public IP on the ECS instance to access your provided personal website that you can use for WordPress installation and creating your own blog using your provided public IP. The installation of PHP and WordPress using yum command. Once you finish the practice after you create the first blog on WordPress, you must screenshot your wordpress posts list to be submitted as finalization of labs tutorials. The Tutorial Labs on Create a Cloud-Based CentOS 7 introduces how to install and deploy a LAMP environment on the ECS instance of CentOS, and then install WordPress to help you quickly build your blog. This also contains the same lab that about MySQL, PHP, and WordPress with slightly different task orders. After the submission check the email, and wait for the certification for around 1x24 hour during the weekday or working day, the certificate will be released to your email inbox.

Final Thought

These wrap up from experience gained by participating in Certified Developer Melalui Deploying MySQL Database, Tutorial Labs on Build a Cloud-Based Blog, and Tutorial Labs on Create a Cloud-Based Blog. Those 3 Hands-on Practice Labs already have walkthrough end-to-end on the sidebar. MySQL Deployment Lab taught about how to operate MySQL in Web Terminal using ECS or Elastic Computer Service as provided cloud service product by Alibaba Cloud, began with MySQL Installation, performing MySQL operations and its basic statement like CRUD on ECS instance. Then building and creating a cloud-based blog taught about LAMP environment installation and deployment to ECS Instance with WordPress installation because WordPress is used to create websites and blogs on ECS Cloud. In other words, these 3 hands-on labs taught about the basic SQL operation with CRUD statement on ECS and how to create a website or blog using WordPress that runs on the ECS cloud. instance of CentOS, and then install WordPress to help you quickly build your blog.

And yes these Labs teach the basics of SQL and LAMP installation to create a WordPress blog. The difficulty looks easy when you read those above. But this could be the foundation to be basic knowledge as starter experience on how to do cloud computing using ECS to store data that using MySQL to keep your data transaction, products, customers. And if you have a basic understanding how to build XAMPP or LAMP environment using ECS as Platform-Based to Build Website, you can use ECS Console to build your own website for a real project instead of installing it on your local machine. Data People like Data Engineer or Data Analyst or Data Scientist are also recommended to join this Certification because it introduce you to the basic understanding and knowledge of how to do cloud computing like operating and storing the data using Alibaba Cloud with ECS Console that operates with CentOS 7, you can do practically to store data with MySQL, operating data with SQL Query, create data summary using aggregation and another MySQL Common practice in professional on ECS Console.

Once again, that Certified Developer worth especially for Data People to learn basic Cloud Computing this certification also offers a Javascript Expert Scholarship by Code Politan that skilled-up and leverages your data science skills on managing data pipeline from data processing, and analysis until presentation, Building interactive data visualization on web-based dashboard and combining data with technology such turn machine learning model into production that the machine learning algorithm becomes the piece of program or functions in real applications. That’s why everybody who read this are recommended to explore yourself to this program that held by Code Politan.

These program also offer the benefit

  • Certified Developer & ACA Cloud Computing by Alibaba Cloud
  • Free learning Coding to be Javascript Expert for 1 year
  • Interesting Prize from Lucky Draw
  • Official merchandise from Alibaba Cloud and Reference letter.



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