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Gaming Industry | Network Microservice Governance Practice of Wanxinbuzhi

This short article explains how Wanxinbuzhi, a cutting-edge gaming company, benefits from Alibaba Cloud’s products and services.

Customer Profile

Hangzhou Wanxinbuzhi Technology Co., Ltd. (Wanxinbuzhi) was established in 2017. It is a cutting-edge gaming company that focuses on mobile game distribution and operation services. The company insists on the principle of sharing games and sharing happiness. The company is committed to publishing high-quality games, providing players with high-quality game experiences with professional product operation services, and creating a green and healthy game platform for players.

Pain Points and Demands

The main business of Wanxinbuzhi is the gaming scene. The traffic scale is uncertain (such as an advertisement), which will lead to a large number of players at the same time. Therefore, the system of Wanxinbuzhi must have sufficient flexibility and stability. In this context, the company performed containerization and enhanced flexibility and high availability. Developers do not need to care about resources and other issues, making CI/CD smoother. However, due to rapid business development and limited personnel, there are clear demands for microservice governance.

  1. When container clusters are elastically scaled out in the case of sudden traffic changes, graceful business traffic remains an issue.
  2. Currently, there are Java applications (Spring Cloud framework) and a small number of PHP applications in the system, both of which are connected to the Spring Cloud Gateway gateway. Originally, Java and PHP services were distinguished using different domain names for each service to achieve simple service routing capabilities, but there was a cap on the number of domain names and low scalability.

Wanxinbuzhi selected the MSE Professional Version. The version is non-intrusive and transparent, which helps the company enjoy the benefits of low-cost and rapid service governance and solves the problems of lossless traffic and service routing.


  1. The company accesses the MSE Professional Version instead of changing any code and the existing architecture. Even the legacy code can still be quickly accessed without binding.
  2. The company uses the lossless online and offline capabilities of MSE microservice governance and the HPA capabilities of Kubernetes to realize smooth system expansion in sudden traffic scenarios. Even if a large number of players pour in to place orders at the same time, it will not lose any orders.
  3. Through the label routing capability provided by the MSE microservice governance Professional Edition, under the condition that Java and PHP applications coexist, on-demand routing through headers is marked, getting rid of the dilemma of requiring different domain names to implement routing.



The MSE Professional Edition helps the company build microservice governance capabilities quickly and at a low cost without changing the existing business architecture. With the flexibility of Kubernetes, users can easily face sudden business traffic. Users can achieve lossless traffic change, even during the peak period of heavy traffic. It allows R&D personnel to focus on business iteration.

Customer Testimonials

“MSE microservice governance helps the system solve various microservice governance problems encountered in the containerization process in a low-cost way. It can smoothly migrate to the cloud without changing the existing architecture and enjoy many benefits brought by containerization.”

-Youzi, Operation and Maintenance Personnel from Wanxinbuzhi

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