Community Blog Alibaba Cloud MSE Cloud-Native Gateway Helps SKECHERS Easily Deal with Double 11

Alibaba Cloud MSE Cloud-Native Gateway Helps SKECHERS Easily Deal with Double 11

This short article explains how Skechers benefits from Alibaba Cloud's products and services.

Customer Profile

SKECHERS was born in California in 1992 and has now spread to more than 170 countries and regions worldwide. It is the second-largest footwear brand in the United States after Nike. In November 2020, Skechers announced a partnership with Alibaba Cloud to accelerate digital upgrades. After the introduction of Alibaba Cloud Business Mid-End, it promotes omni-channel optimization and improves operational efficiency and supply chain management capabilities.


Customer Requirements

The omni-channel business middle platform of Skechers provides API interfaces for external calls through a unified access gateway. Skechers has rich business scenarios and numerous systems. In recent years, due to the rapid business development, the traffic peaks of Double 11 and other activities pose more challenges to the performance and stability of the current system. However, external channels, internal old systems, and third-party services need to communicate with the business middle platform or be provided by the middle platform. Due to the different forms of access systems, there is an urgent need for rich security authentication methods and unified management. The new-generation cloud-native gateway can provide microservice instance automatic discovery, route forwarding, canary release, and fine-grained observability. It can optimize the development efficiency and O&M costs of service opening.


  1. Skechers uses the Alibaba Cloud MSE cloud-native gateway as the unified access layer of the business middle platform. It directly opens up the existing microservice registration center, directly connects backend services, and quickly realizes mutual access and unified management between microservices. The canary release through a variety of routing rules can easily meet the needs of the fast iterative implementation of pre-promotion services.
  2. Compared with microservice gateways (such as Spring Cloud Gateway), MSE cloud-native gateways have better performance. Its SLB and traffic control capabilities can enhance the availability of backend services and ensure that the middle platform system can smoothly cope with Double 11 traffic peaks.
  3. The cloud-native gateway integrates the authentication login system and uses the JWT authentication function and black and whitelists to enable the service, quickly building a security barrier.
  4. The cloud-native gateway provides a wealth of observable data, including a variety of response indicators, such as global traffic billboard, log retrieval, business TOP list, and delay/failure rate/error code. The data are supplemented by alarm management, so the operation and maintenance personnel can master the overall status and abnormal conditions of the service, reducing the workload during the promotion period.

Technical Architecture

Application Architecture


The MSE cloud-native gateway provides unified microservice routing, flow control, security management, and other capabilities for Skechers to facilitate integration between internal and external multiple systems. This significantly improves the development efficiency of the middle platform and opening and reduces O&M costs.

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