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Function Compute Helps a Gaming Company Analyze Marketing Data

This article introduces a gaming company and explains how they use Function Compute (FC).

By Ji Yuan (an Alibaba Cloud Solution Architect)

Wuhan Game Group Technology Co., Ltd. (Game Group Technology) was established in 2012 and is one of the earliest companies in central China to engage in mobile games. The company (in line with the value of heartfelt devotion, sincerity, and objectivity) has been working to generate high-quality games and services for the market.

New Demands

Game Group Technology conducts marketing activities in multiple channels. Information gathered through marketing activities needs to be returned and analyzed every day. In addition, as the investment cost and advertising time vary, the amount of information gathered in different marketing channels is not fixed, and the peak and trough of traffic are irregular. Marketing investment has also been increasing along with the continuous development of customer businesses. Therefore, the solution of using ECS to undertake data return is severely challenged by performance, stability, and cost. Stable, highly reliable collection and return, and cost optimization are the core demands of customers.

New Solutions


In order to achieve both high performance and cost optimization, the Game Group Technology chose Alibaba Cloud Function Compute (FC) to support the business scenarios. FC perfectly meets the customer's demands. Based on the Serverless architecture, FC provides a service platform with high availability and high computing power. It has the millisecond-level auto-scaling capability, which can quickly scale the underlying layer in or out. It can scale out the underlying layer when traffic peaks occur and scale it in to optimize resources when traffic troughs occur. This way, cost optimization can be implemented while providing stable computing power.

  1. Extreme Elasticity: Based on the Serverless architecture, FC has a hundred-millisecond-level auto-scaling capability. This allows you to quickly expand and shrink the capacity of the underlying layer to cope with peak pressure during traffic peaks and improve stability.
  2. Peak Shaving and Load Shifting: FC supports asynchronous calls and uses the MSMQ mechanism to perform peak shaving and load shifting for subsequent business operations of traffic pulses.
  3. Cost Optimization: Fees are billed by minutes based on CPU and memory usage. The number of function instances is perfectly matched to traffic peaks and troughs for optimal cost control based on ultimate elastic capabilities.


Alibaba Cloud Function Compute (FC) can offer customers the following four points:

  1. Stability: With the help of the powerful IaaS resources of Alibaba Cloud, FC, which is based on Serverless, has strong horizontal expansion and underlying scaling capabilities to help customers cope with the impact of large amounts of data and traffic.
  2. High Reliability: Asynchronous calls are used to reduce the pressure on data warehousing and ensure the data is loaded into the warehouse without being broken down by traffic pulses.
  3. Cost Optimization: The Serverless architecture saves the need to purchase and manage infrastructure (such as servers), thus reducing O&M costs. At the same time, FC supports a hundred-millisecond-level on-demand billing mode coupled with ultimate auto-scaling capability for optimal cost control.
  4. Working Efficiency Improvement: Customers only need to focus on the development of business logic without worrying about O&M issues. The development and stress testing are completed in one day. At the same time, FC provides well-established log query, performance monitoring, and alarm functions to help customers quickly troubleshoot problems and significantly improve working efficiency.
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