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Circles Technology: Quickly Build a Smart Marketing Platform Based on Serverless

This short article briefly introduces Circles Technology and explains how they use Serverless technology to build smart cloud application systems.

By Lu Xuan (An Alibaba Cloud Solution Architect)

Circles Technology was established in 2013 and has served more than 400 high net-worth head customers domestically and internationally and a number of top 500 enterprises.

New Demands

In recent years, Serverless technology has been developing rapidly while having an ever-expanding influence in the industry. In this trend, as mainstream cloud service providers continue to enrich cloud product systems and provide more convenient development tools, more enterprises have started using Serverless technology to build their cloud application systems.

As the business grows, the company needs to scale out dynamically. If you create a self-managed Kubernetes cluster, the cost is relatively high. After doing research on relevant products in the markets, Circles Technology has come up with three aspects of requirements based on their needs:

  1. Rapid Elastic Expansion
  2. Application deployment management capabilities featuring a white screen
  3. Free of O&M or simplified O&M

Based on business requirements, the technical personnel chose the Alibaba Cloud Serverless product family (Serverless Application Engine (SAE) and Function Compute (FC)) to quickly build a core business platform based on multiple factors (such as O&M deployment efficiency and resource utilization).

Serverless Application Engine (SAE) supports multiple deployment methods to help developers deploy and run applications in multiple languages. In addition, SAE has built-in service registries and configuration centers, so applications using microservice models no longer need to build them separately. Circles Technology's business involves a large number of intersystem interaction issues. The efficiency and stability of interaction are significantly improved after placing API interfaces on SAE.

SAE saves the need to purchase physical ECS resources separately. It also provides comprehensive application lifecycle management, ultimate auto-scaling, and application monitoring capabilities, freeing IT personnel from the traditional tedious O&M work and helping them focus more on the business.

Function Compute (FC) is a fully managed, event-driven computing service. Developers strip some public APIs from the application body and upload them to FC for reliable, flexible, and on-demand calls.

FC provides the version management feature to manage services, functions, and triggers in a more efficient manner. Version management allows you to complete most continuous integration and continuous delivery tasks in the software development lifecycle. Also, the businesses of Circles Technology that involve computing are handled by FC.

Circles Technology quickly and efficiently completed the establishment of the core business system after using the SAE + FC solution above. At the same time, the efforts of the technical team helped complete the Serverless transformation of the system. Cloud-native technology helps bring efficient development and O&M and improve cost efficiency, thus making great contributions to businesses.

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