Community Blog Efficient, Effective, Intelligent, and Secure O&M – Part 2: Results and Key Findings

Efficient, Effective, Intelligent, and Secure O&M – Part 2: Results and Key Findings

This article discusses ways to benefit from an intelligent O&M system and the key findings associated with it.

By Shantanu Kaushik

In the previous article on O&M, we discussed how the industry trends have changed and how an O&M system should work. We will continue that discussion and talk about the key findings associated with operations and maintenance. We will also showcase how O&M should be conducted in different environments.

Cloud Operations and Management is among the most critical and essential part of a cloud computing system. O&M is becoming more important as the cloud is evolving rapidly with new architectures, platforms, and environments taking shape, such as DevOps, DataOps, multi-cloud, hybrid cloud, and much more. O&M is evolving too, and the use of smart AI-based data collection, with big data analytics has given massive strength to the O&M systems. Let’s discuss different aspects that build an efficient O&M system.

Monitoring and Visualization

Alibaba Cloud has extensive support for monitoring and metrics collection with Cloud Monitor providing valuable intel on resource usage and different workload behavior. An O&M must collect comprehensive information to provide unified management across solutions covering compute service, networking, storage, and other platforms or environments.

It could be hybrid cloud, multi-cloud, or DevOps delivery. O&M services have to maintain service scenarios. Visualization of collected data makes it easier to comprehend and make decisions based on it. It is exactly like data modeling provided by Alibaba Cloud DataV within the Data Analytics field.

Multi-faceted query and resource usage-based visualizations can help you strategize O&M implementation, including multiple objects, performance scenarios, and other critical data required for O&M. When it comes to business applications, monitoring can provide essential details about concurrent access, performance peaks, processing time, and other factors critical to maintaining an efficient user experience.

These collected statistics can help formulate better strategies based on real-world data and can uncover multi-dimensional clogs within your system.

O&M with Microservices and Containers

Cloud computing features distributed architectures and container-based deployments with microservices and DevOps taking the lead. Service scheduling with many different architectures and methodologies is becoming more complex. An ill-managed system could become susceptible to faults, where fault tolerance is directly associated with the quality of O&M applied to the architecture.


Efficiency in O&M needs to be maintained with Microservices. You should monitoring different metrics to prevent any possible faults. Microservices with container-based deployment enables supreme agility and scalability. Here, agility is explained in terms of heterogeneous development to the delivery lifecycle. Optimal O&M will ensure the best conditions for Continuous Integration and Delivery.

Alibaba Cloud Container Service for Kubernetes (ACK) works on an architecture depicted below:


Microservices can be expanded for scalability. O&M will ensure that the overall architecture supports and comprehends the need for scalability and delivers it with minimal fluctuation in resource allocation.

Resource Management and Diagnostics

Alibaba Cloud O&M solutions feature intelligent fault detection capabilities. Furthermore, resource management and disaster recovery are two given features that are shared across the Alibaba Cloud platform. Managing resources is a task best defined by how frequently your resource fluctuations happen. O&M requires significant planning, and Alibaba Cloud Bastionhost and Operation Orchestration Service (OOS) have been designed to provide seamless utilization of resources to enable cost-cutting methods.

Full-Stack Management

Alibaba Cloud O&M solutions collectively deliver a solution that covers networking, storage, computing, VPCs, and other virtualized resources. This enables full-stack management with end-to-end monitoring capabilities to enable the most effective and efficient O&M practice It becomes easier for the system to enable fault prediction, detection, and prevention through end-to-end monitoring.


We will focus on Alibaba Cloud Bastionhost as the primary topic in the next article of this series on O&M, but let’s have a short intro to set the stage.

The Alibaba Cloud Security platform introduced Bastionhost as a system operations and maintenance (O&M) service that incorporates the security audit platform. Alibaba Cloud Bastionhost provides various features, such as O&M, identity authentication for secure access, account management, and (most importantly) operation audit.

Bastionhost sits between the protocols and services as a forward proxy to capture the data flows and extract valuable information. Bastionhost reorganizes this data and presents it for utilization with O&M operation audit.

The supported O&M protocols are listed below:

  • Secure Shell (SSH)
  • Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP)
  • Secure File Transfer Protocol (SFTP)

Operation Orchestration Service (OOS)

Alibaba Cloud Operation Orchestration Service (OOS) can manage various Alibaba Cloud services, including Elastic Compute Service (ECS), Server Load Balancer (SLB), Virtual Private Cloud (VPC), and many more.


Alibaba Cloud Operation Orchestration Service (OOS) is an automated O&M service that enables management and execution of O&M tasks using templates to define and automatically execute tasks. These tasks may include task orders, input, and output parameters. We will focus on Alibaba Cloud OOS in a separate article in this series on operation and management (O&M).

Wrapping Up

Alibaba Cloud has presented an automated, intelligent, efficient, and effective O&M platform that allows a seamless complexity-free experience. These solutions feature automation that make sthe complete system less prone to human error in processing. This enables superior quality of IT services and helps cut down on operational costs.

An effective O&M helps free up resources that can reduce the solution cost for the customer. Individuals or teams can focus on architectural designs, development scenarios, and derive new technological marvels with an efficient O&M.

Enterprises and organizations can extract more value using Alibaba Cloud’s automated, efficient, and intelligent O&M solutions. These solutions provide a standardized operation and maintenance process that is remarkable with fault detection and isolation. Alibaba Cloud O&M solutions ensure a healthy, scalable, and available service structure for your business to flourish and expand.

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