Community Blog Protecting Data Security through Robust and Hybrid Disaster Recovery Infrastructure

Protecting Data Security through Robust and Hybrid Disaster Recovery Infrastructure

This article discusses data backup and disaster recovery with an emphasis on data security and highlights the strengths of Alibaba Cloud disaster recovery solution.

Interviewed with Jason Wu, VP of Alibaba Group, President and Senior Fellow of Storage, Alibaba Cloud Intelligence.

Most of you may not have heard of World Backup Day, but you are surely familiar with data backup. Backup is an important means to ensure data security. World Backup Day was started by Reddit, an online community from the U.S., and celebrated on 31 March, one day before April Fool's Day. The purpose of this event is to remind users to back up their data and suggest various online backup programs in order to help improve data security.

On 31 March, Alibaba Cloud teamed up with the National Engineering Laboratory for Disaster Backup and Recovery to conduct a World Backup Day event.

Vigorously Develop Disaster Recovery Infrastructure to Protect Data Security

During the live broadcast of the event, Professor Xin Yang talked about developing disaster recovery infrastructure, such as the cloud, to protect data security. Professor Xin is the deputy director of the National Engineering Laboratory for Disaster Backup and Recovery, director of cybersecurity at the Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications, executive vice president of the Beijing Information Disaster Recovery Technology Industry Alliance, and a doctoral advisor.

Professor Xin believes that disaster recovery technology is an important pillar of support for the national cybersecurity strategy and an integral part of the development of IT informatization. Disaster recovery centers are a basic component of data center construction and an important part of new infrastructure construction. Cloud disaster recovery will be a key development factor in the disaster recovery field. Therefore, cloud vendors need to make breakthroughs in disaster recovery, especially in the private network field. At the same time, they must vigorously develop data privacy protection technologies, further expand the definition of disaster recovery technology, and reduce the cloud disaster recovery costs. At the regulatory level, China must further improve its system of cloud disaster recovery standards and allow the industry associations to play a greater role. In addition, data privacy requirements must be backed up with heavy penalties.

Cloud Facilitates Disaster Recovery

As a leader in the cloud disaster recovery industry, Alibaba Cloud continues to invest in and develop innovative disaster recovery products. Disaster recovery is the most fundamental technological requirement in the digital economy era, and the cloud is making disaster recovery easier, said Wu Jiesheng, a senior researcher and head of the intelligent storage at Alibaba Cloud, after professor Xin's remarks.

Cloud disaster recovery solutions offer higher resource utilization than traditional disaster recovery solutions. Additionally, such solutions reduce IT costs, boost business innovation, and normalize drills, making data protection reliable, controllable, and visible. Relying on the powerful technical capabilities and comprehensive product ecosystem of Alibaba Cloud, Alibaba Cloud Hybrid Backup Recovery (HBR) supports the backup of databases, files, big data, and virtual machines. This product ensures a data reliability of 99.999999999%, and its storage space can be dynamically scaled almost without limits.

Strengths and Key Techniques of Alibaba Cloud Disaster Recovery

Alibaba Cloud provides simple, easy-to-use, and cost-effective online backup services. This gives customers access to fast, secure, stable, and low-cost HBR solutions. These solutions provide secure and efficient protection for the data stored in Alibaba Cloud Elastic Compute Service (ECS), Apsara File Storage NAS, Object Storage Service (OSS), and on-premises data centers, combining the advantages of local storage performance and cloud-based geo-redundant backup. HBR not only ensures data security but also helps enterprises back up data on the cloud in a more cost-effective manner.


1) Deduplication and Compression for Fast Cloud Migration

Although an enterprise might want a strong backup solution, it may not be able to afford the cost. Alibaba Cloud HBR uses proprietary deduplication technology, a 30:1 compression method, and data lifecycle management policies to clear legacy backup data or move legacy data to a lower-cost cloud archive storage system. This effectively reduces the volumes of I/O transmission and cloud backup storage and prevents excessive backup data from accumulating in the cloud. In this way, customers enjoy faster backups at lower costs.

2) Backup Alerting and Data Encryption

HBR provides a backup alerting function, which can send alert notifications to specific contacts when a backup attempt fails or a client is disconnected from the server. HBR also provides fully automated support for AES256 encryption, AccessKey authorization encryption, and HTTPS transmission encryption, providing additional security for data backup.

3) Fully Managed Services for a Wide Range of Scenarios

HBR manages your backup data in cloud vaults, so you do not need to be concerned about hardware procurement, configuration, cluster scaling, security, and other O&M issues. HBR is applicable to a wide range of application scenarios, including data backup in data centers, data backup in Alibaba Cloud, centralized backup management for branch offices, and workflow-based data source backup. In these scenarios, HBR provides enterprises with economic, intelligent, and secure data assurance.


According to the industry reports, public cloud storage will exceed the total storage capacity of personal devices in 2020, exceed the total storage capacity of enterprise data centers in 2022, and account for 50% of total storage in 2025. In addition, according to Forrester, more and more enterprises are implementing their own cloud backup, deep archiving, disaster recovery, and other functions for cost considerations. This further increases the use of public cloud storage. At a time when information security has been escalated to the level of national strategy, cloud disaster recovery is set to play an increasingly important role in ensuring the benign development of the national economy.

It's World Backup Day, and did you back up your data today?

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