Community Blog Cloud Forward: Cloud-Native Container Platform Episode 3 | ACK + Container Elasticity

Cloud Forward: Cloud-Native Container Platform Episode 3 | ACK + Container Elasticity

In this article, we'll introduce how to build more elasticity for ACK containers to have a smooth autoscaling experience.

Elasticity is one of the cloud's most important capabilities.

It reduces costs, but sometimes, it takes a bunch of configurations. So, can we make it easier, especially for container services?

Hello and welcome to another episode of Cloud Forward.

Today, we’ll discuss the Extreme Elasticity capability of Alibaba Cloud Container Service for Kubernetes (ACK).

ACK provides rich elasticity policies from resource and application layers to provide users with Extreme Elasticity. Let's start with the resource layer.

When the cluster resources are insufficient, the ACK cluster can use cluster-autoscaler to create new node instances in the node pool automatically.

It spawns regular instances and GPU instances on demand, with support for multiple availability zones, instance specifications, and scaling modes to accommodate various node scaling scenarios.

The benefits include:

A) It supports large-scale resource delivery and can scale up to thousands of nodes within minutes.

B) It supports a custom scheduler. For example, you can schedule Elastic Compute Service (ECS) and Elastic Container Instance (ECI) as a hybrid, set up Pod up-scaling order and priority, and set up Pod down-scaling order.

C) It supports scenario-based resource delivery policies like Reusing, RI, and Spot. We also equipped it with components like Spot Advisor and Spot Notification to optimize the Spot Instance Policy

D) It supports end-to-end event monitoring of elastic scaling, Log Service, and ACK Cost Analysis function.

Additionally, we provide a more straightforward solution for achieving elasticity by utilizing Alibaba Cloud ECI while the ACK cluster maintains a fixed ECS resource pool.

Watch the full video here to learn more about ACK and Container Elasticity


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