Community Blog Cloud Forward: Cloud-Native Container Platform Episode 9 | ACK One

Cloud Forward: Cloud-Native Container Platform Episode 9 | ACK One

Can we manage clusters from multiple environments in one place? To respond to this question, we created ACK One.

Can we manage Kubernetes cluster from different environment in one place?

Can we combine multiple clusters' management into one single cluster?

How do offline clusters get the public cloud's resource elasticity and the ability to perform low-cost disaster recovery on the cloud?

Is it possible to get cloud product service support for any infrastructure Kubernetes clusters?

Hello and welcome to this episode of Cloud Forward. Today, we will talk about how Alibaba Cloud has managed to achieve unified management of multi-region and multi-Kubernetes clusters.

Kubernetes are being adopted by more and more enterprises with the popularity of Cloud-Native technologies. On the other hand, the development of Cloud Computing also generates more diversified deployment environments these days.

Now Kubernetes clusters can be deployed in public cloud, private cloud, on-premises, or edge nodes, making the management of them significantly more difficult. It calls for a platform capable of unifying all these clusters for O&M management.

To make that happen, we designed ACK One, a distributed cloud container platform, with Alibaba Cloud public cloud serving as the standard interface to provide an enterprise-level cloud-native platform for hybrid cloud, multi-cluster, distributed computing, disaster recovery, and other scenarios.

>> Watch the full video here to learn more about Alibaba Cloud ACK One.


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