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Cloud Dialing Test Power – JAKA Cobot

This article explains how JAKA cobot and the cloud dialing test can defeat performance bottlenecks.

By Baiyu

Comprehensive Optimization of Overseas Website Performance

As an international-leading new generation cobot enterprise, after years of development, JAKA cobot has worked closely with more than 300 automation solution companies worldwide and deployed more than 10,000 robots. These robots serve the production lines of world-renowned automobiles, electronics, and semiconductors brands flexibly and efficiently. They are also engaged in services that engage with consumers directly in many new commercial consumer fields.

The operation and maintenance team have encountered a major problem where the JAKA cobot official website cannot be viewed normally worldwide.


This is also a common problem encountered by overseas enterprises. However, if you want to test the access speed of different sites in different regions worldwide, enterprises cannot find local people to conduct field tests in every region worldwide. Therefore, the JAKA cobot hopes to simulate the real network environment of users in different regions worldwide to experience the website and understand the access experience.

Dig up Problems

After understanding users’ problems, Alibaba Cloud communicated with the JAKA cobot and agreed that having a large number of global monitoring nodes and the non-intrusive Cloud Dialing Test is the best product to solve the problem.

Step 1: Configure Overseas Monitoring Points

According to the main overseas target markets of Jieka, LastMile (real netizens) monitoring points in major countries throughout North America, Europe, South America, and Southeast Asia are selected, browser dialing tasks are configured, and the overseas official website of JAKA is dialed regularly.

Step 2: Analyze the Monitoring Point to Access the Target Address

Through the analysis of dialing test logs, it is found that the Alibaba Cloud Content Delivery Network of the JAKA official website in Europe and South America has accelerated the realization of nearby visits, but the Alibaba Cloud Content Delivery Network in the United States and Southeast Asia have not achieved the expected results. Further analysis shows that the overall performance is also slow when the Alibaba Cloud Content Delivery Network reaches the nearest access area. It is necessary to specifically analyze the loading effect of different elements on the official website page.


Step 3: Analyze Page Element Loading Duration

Click on the dialing log details to view the page element waterfall chart. Several pictures load very slowly, blocking the overall page loading speed. After analysis, it is found that the picture size has reached more than 5MB, and there is room for picture size optimization.


The JAKA Cobot Discovers and Optimizes the Following Issues

(1) Accelerate Upgrade

Upgrade the original Dynamic Route for CDN (DCDN) to GA. It realizes nearby access and cross-region deployment of global networks, reduces the impact of network problems (such as latency, jitter, and packet loss on service quality), and realizes network acceleration by relying on Alibaba Cloud's high-quality BGP bandwidth and global transmission network.

(2) Alibaba Cloud Content Delivery Network Node Optimization

According to the Cloud Dialing Monitoring report, you can find out how much the display performance is in real-time and whether there is any improvement after the Alibaba Cloud Content Delivery Network is deployed. It also displays the performance of each host node and whether the availability is stable. Alibaba Cloud CDN setting policy needs to be adjusted and optimized based on the evaluation criteria:

  1. Whether the target customer hits the corresponding host node correctly
  2. Whether the matching degree is reasonable
  3. Whether the CDN nodes are synchronized with the origin server
  4. Whether the element release is in place and valid for a long time

(3) Page Element Optimization

You can understand the page element download time and evaluate the network performance (such as IDC and Alibaba Cloud Content Delivery Network) by analyzing the download time. We found that the size of the picture file on the homepage of the official website is too large, which causes the download time to be too long. There is also a problem with the Alibaba Cloud Content Delivery Network acceleration setting of static elements.

Normally, the loading time of the first screen should not exceed 2s-3s. The screen loading time has a big influence on the user retention rate. If it takes more than five seconds for a page to complete the first screen loading, the user will open the page from psychological exclusion. Therefore, the advanced image format is selected to replace the existing jpeg and png and reduce the volume.

(4) Establish an Active Discovery Mechanism

Before using the cloud dialing test, the JAKA cobot mainly uses the advertising platform evaluation or user notification to passively obtain the website operation and maintenance situation. You can learn about website access, verify problems, reproduce faults, and evaluate and optimize website performance with the help of the Cloud Dialing Test. You can understand users' real experience process, optimize the browsing path, explore the transformation bottleneck link, and improve the conversion rate through transaction flow analysis.

Final Results

After communicating with Alibaba Cloud Content Delivery Network suppliers, the Alibaba Cloud Content Delivery Network scheduling logic in the US and Southeast Asia was optimized, and page images were compressed. The overall website opening speed increased by 50%.

The person in charge of the JAKA Cobot Digital Product Center said, “JAKA cobot identifies performance bottlenecks effectively with the help of the Cloud Dialing Test.” After optimization, it improves the website opening speed by more than 50%, improves the ROI of operation promotion activities, and helps JAKA provide better services to users worldwide.

Cloud Dialing Features

1. The Global Monitoring Node

It covers 200,000+ LM, 500+ IDC terminal monitoring nodes, 400+ operators, and hundreds of thousands of registered members worldwide to ensure the monitoring scale meets the increasingly large business scale.

2. No Code Embedding Is Required

Zero-intrusive monitoring is required out of the box. You only need to enter the URL and perform a simple configuration without R&D support. A complete website performance data analysis report can be obtained in a few minutes. There are multiple purchase modes (resource package and pay-as-you-go) to meet O&M testing requirements.

3. Service-Oriented, Preset a Variety of Analysis Models

The monitoring cycle is refined to the minute level. More than 20 monitoring associated parameters in seven categories are set, supporting a variety of mainstream protocols and providing 24/7 fine-grained fault real-time monitoring, alarm, and performance analysis services for sites and service ports. From the perspective of the end customer, through multi-dimensional combination analysis (such as region and operator), drill down to analyze the details of a single sample and use a rich indicator system and chart types to visually locate the problem, the affected range, and its root causes, and pressure drop analysis time to improve O&M efficiency. Truly achieve fine-grained monitoring.

4. Intelligent Alerts and Precise Positioning

It implements real-time alerts for the first screen time, overall performance, and availability. It provides rich alert policy settings and is deeply integrated with the Alibaba Cloud Alert Center to shorten the mean time to repair (MTTR). It supports finding page element-level errors and locating problem attribution accurately to a single network request process to improve problem locating efficiency.

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