Dynamic Route for Content Delivery Network (DCDN) is a Content Delivery Network (CDN) service that is developed by Alibaba Cloud to accelerate static and dynamic content delivery. This service provides an all-purpose solution to resolve issues of high latencies, packet losses, and service instability. These issues may occur due to various causes, such as unstable networks, unexpected traffic spikes, and network congestions. The issues may also occur if your website contains static and dynamic content, content is delivered across network providers, or only one origin server is used. You can use DCDN to improve the overall performance of your website and accelerate content delivery to improve user experience.

For information about how to get started with Alibaba Cloud DCDN, see Quick start.

How DCDN works

Alibaba Cloud DCDN uses smart routing to differentiate requested content so that the acceleration of dynamic content delivery is separated from the acceleration of static content delivery. The following architecture diagram shows how DCDN works.

How DCDN works
  • Intelligent differentiation of dynamic and static content: After a domain name is added to Alibaba Cloud DCDN, the dynamic and static content that is accessed through the domain is intelligently identified and differentiated.
  • Separate acceleration of dynamic and static content delivery: Static content delivery is accelerated by Alibaba Cloud CDN. Alibaba Cloud CDN caches content to CDN nodes that are the nearest to users. Dynamic content can be retrieved from origins through dynamic acceleration technologies such as smart routing optimization and protocol optimization.

Comparison between DCDN and CDN

Supported resource type Static content only. Both static and dynamic content.
Acceleration method Caches static content from origin servers to Alibaba Cloud CDN nodes that are the closest to users.

Uses CDN to accelerate static content delivery.

Uses the dynamic acceleration technologies including smart routing and protocol optimization to retrieve dynamic content from origin servers.

Origin configuration We recommend that you separate dynamic and static content on the origin server and use CDN to accelerate the delivery of only static content. You do not need to modify content on the origin server. DCDN can intelligently identify dynamic and static content and separate the acceleration of dynamic content from the acceleration of static content.


You can log on to the DCDN console to obtain up-to-date information about the domain management and service management features of DCDN and use them. For more information about domain management features, see Features. For more information about service management features, see Features.

DCDN pricing

You are charged for DCDN based on the basic services or the number of requests. Basic services support the pay-by-bandwidth and pay-by-data-transfer billing methods.

For more information about DCDN pricing, see DCDN pricing.